The 10 Unwritten Laws of Long Island Restaurants

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As we know on Long Island, NY, there are laws we must obey. Long Island Restaurants have their own rules that they even enforce for quality standards. Sometimes there is no need to pass a law or to make a rule due to common sense. Unfortunately there is too many people out their who lack just that.

This why we had to write this blog post. We will unite the Restaurant Owner and Long Island Locals effectively by detaching the issue from the individual! To be fair, we will divide these unwritten ten laws in half. One for the Restaurants and the other for the patrons. Now, let's begin with the Long Island Restaurants!

#1 Online Presence

In 2020, you must ave an online presence for your Long Island Restaurant. Your neighborhood locals aren't galivanting around the town searching for the next place to grab lunch or dinner. Over 90% if not more always choose where they will eat by searching via the internet. Make sure you have a Long Island Restaurant Listing!

#2 Don't Ignore Your Customers

In any Long Island Restaurant establishment always greet the customers with a minute of them walking in the door. The only exception would be is if the eatery is packed and the lines out the door. A customer who walks into your business and stands there without any acknowledgment for over one minute is inconsiderate. Most customers will get mad due to the lack of customer service and leave never to return.

#3 The Breakfast Sandwhich Standard

When a customer orders a bacon egg and cheese sandwich. Never ask them how they want their eggs to be cooked or if they want it on a roll, bagel, etc. The only question you may ask is, do you want salt, pepper, or ketchup on it? Breakfast shops may say if I don't ask customers will get angry! Well, let them because there is a little thing called culture appropriation. If you don't know what that means it's when a member of a different culture comes to a new land and adapts to their culture. If they don't like the way we do things on Long Island, they can always take the George Washington Bridge to New Jersey. Plus, I am sure we have all heard the saying, "When in Rome."

#4 Don't Turn the Oven Off

If you own a Breakfast Restaurant or Bagel Shop as long as your doors are open for business, so should be your oven. Breakfast sandwiches are delicious all day long. If this weren't true, the #1 restaurant franchise wouldn't follow this practice "McDonalds." The money you save on the gas bill will cost you the loyalty and respect of your long island town's patrons. In the end it will lose revenue by turning that stove off vs. leaving it on. Do the right thing.

#5 Offer Comlimentary Drinks

If you sell breakfast sandwiches always include a complimentary orange juice or coffee. Trying to upsell the customer on dropping another three bucks will only infuriate them. This practice of complimentary drinks has been commonly practiced for decades. Seeming over the last few years it is changing. As you change your policy on a complimentary drink, the patrons will change where to buy their breakfast sandwiches.

Now for the Patrons who dine at our Long Island Restaurants!

#6 Don't Blame The Server For Things They Can't Control

Patrons at seated dining restaurants should always be respectful and kind to their server in these situations.

  • If your steak, chicken, fish, or what have you wasn't cooked properly.
  • You don't like the taste of the entree served.
  • Don't pretend your servers are mind readers to your food allergies.

Getting mad at the server in these cases is senseless as it is never their fault. Furthermore, the server is looking to please you in anticipation of a good tip, so why would they try to any of the things mentioned above.

Detach the individual from the issue. Be kind to the server and let them know politely there was a mistake made on the order can please fix it. 100% of the times the server will prefer this over you getting mad at them for something they can't control.

#7 Tip Your Server

If you at any restaurant, always tip at least 15% or more. If you need help with this, look at the tax on the check and double it. That's is how you can easily calculate 15%.

If the server was good to even great, you really should be tipping at least 30% plus.

Understand that tips is the majority of waiters and waitresses pay. What servers earn in hourly wages is well below the minimum wage.

#8 Tip With Cash

Always tip your server with CASH!

A lot of times when you tip via credit card the tip won't be given to the server at all. This is proven as many bank statements have come back for me only charging me for the meal and never the tip.

#9 Don't Confuse Flattery for Flirting

This applies mostly to Male patrons. When a female waitress is flirting with you, 99% of the time she is just trying to squeeze more money out of you.

In many cases should be merely be acting polite but chances are she doesn't want to be hit on you. A recent survey concluded that each shift most Waitresses are hit on 53% of the time.

With more than half her male customers hitting on her, what makes you think your charm will be any different?

This is helpful to both the male and not just the female waitress. Because as a male who can set aside their ego, be aware, their flatteries and flirtations are only to solicit a larger tip. If you feel you have a connection with a waitress, let her make the move.

#10 Leave Good Reviews on Yelp

Anger is a stronger motivator than happiness. This is why on Yelp Long Island Restaurants have a disproportionate amount of negative to positive reviews.

Even if you just had a good but not great time, leaving a review on Yelp is helpful. It will even out the apoplectic and bored patrons who can potentially shut down your favorite restaurant.

If you need to have a world class amazing experience to write a yelp review that is 3 stars or more on Yelp you're selfish. As a Long Island resident you should be supporting your local Long Island Restaurants. The best way to do so is by writing a geniune review of your experience at their restaurant. Random acts of kindess make you feel good, so it is a win win for everyone!

In Conclusion

Our Long Island Web Design agency we have many business relationships with Restaurant Owners that always make us aware of how their customers annoy them. At Long Island New York Restaurants we are also care greatly about the Long Island residents and they also have their complaints about restaurants. This is why we had to give you both sides of the story in this list blog post. We hope putting the spot light on this issues we can all help solve them.

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