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Who is the Long Island Serial Killer?

The Long Island Serial Killer Suspect has been identified as Rex Heuermann an architect from Massapequa Park. Rex Heuermann was arrested for being the suspect of the Gilgo Beach murders. This is breaking Long Island news, so be sure to check back daily for more updates!

The Long Island Serial Killer is has yet to be identified after over an estimated 20 plus years of committing murder on Long Island.

Many people suspect who may be behind the Long Island Murders, but it is still an open case.

The Long Island Serial Killer has gone by many different names over the years. See the list below of all the names the Long Island Serial Killer has been given over the years and now decades.

  • LISK *short for Long Island Serial Killer.
  • LISK Killer
  • Gilgo Beach Killer
  • Gilgo Killer
  • Seashore Killer
  • Craigslist Ripper

The Long Island Serial Killer was brought to light after four dead bodies were found along Ocean Parkway Long Island. All of the women were dubbed by the press as “The Gilgo Four.” One thing they all had in common was that were all escorts. What’s crazy is that they weren’t even looking for these four women but for another named Shannan Gilbert.

Who Was Shannan Gilbert?

Shannan Maria Gilbert was born on October 24th, 1986 who is known to the public as an escort. Shannan would have life tragically cut short at the young age of 24 years old. Shannan Gilbert was born in Lancaster, PA but would later live in New Jersey. Shannan Gilbert who was working as a Long Island Escort would be reported missing in May 2010.

The last time Shannan Gilbert was seen was on an ominous evening at Oak Beach, NY which a private residency on Long Island. It was reported that she was running away from her last client’s house, Joseph Brewer. This was all witnessed by here driver, Michael Pak who would claim she was drugged up and freaking out. Many neighbors also reported that she was banging on their doors ask she was frantic and claiming that someone was trying to kill her.

Shannan Gilbert even made a 911 call that lasted 22 minutes to where she made it clear she felt her life was in grave danger. What makes this even more bizarre is this phone call was never made public and its been over 10 years since the call was made. With no promising leads or suspects to close the case after a decade it makes you wonder why this call has been court ordered to be heard by the public.

It wouldn’t be until December 2011 of the following year that Shannan Gilbert’s near unidentifiable body would be found within the Marsh about a mile from where she was last seen.

Her Mother, Mari Gilbert who pushed for an investigation to find Shanna Gilbert. Because as mentioned before there were 4 other deceased woman were found in Gilgo Beach, along Ocean Parkway. These unfortunate departed women would become infamously known as The Gilgo 4.

Who Were The Gilgo Four?

As Suffolk County, NY Police were searching for Shannan Maria Gilbert along the south shore of Long Island they would discover 4 other deceased Long Island Escorts.

Unfortunately, these first four murdered woman would be not be last to be discovered tied to LISK.

As after the course of 10 years of investing their would be six more bodies found around Long Island Beaches.

Which many local Long Islander’s to people around the world to theorize that they are tied to the Long Island Serial Killer although it have never been officially confirmed by law enforcement.

It’s important to note that without Mari Gilbert’s insistence on finding her daughter it’s possible none of these bodies may have been discovered.

Let’s go over who the first four women were. Also know as “The Gilgo Four.”

Melissa Barthelemy

Melissa Barthelemy was the first of the four to be found in relation to the Gilgo Beach murders. Mellissa went missing on July 12th, 2009. Her body was discovered on December 11th, 2010. Melissa was an escort who lived in the Bronx and wasn’t native to Long Island.

Amber Costello

Amber Lynn Costello was working as a Long Island Escort from Babylon, NY. She went missing on September 2nd, 2010 and her body was discovered on December 13th 2010. It is reported that was living in New York for half a year before she was murdered by the Long Island Serial Killer. She is said to be born in Wilmington, N.C but when she moved to New York she was living mostly in the state of Florida. Amber Costello died at the young age of 27.

Maureen Brainard-Barnes

Maureen Brainard-Barnes was another victim who was found along Ocean Parkway Long Island. She was last seen in Manhattan on July 9th, 2007. and found on December 13th, 2010. Maureen lived in Norwich, Connecticut. Maureen Brainard-Barnes was single mother two children. She was the third found of the Gilgo 4 and her life cut short at the age of 25 years old.

Megan Waterman

Megan Waterman was the last of the Gilgo 4 to be found dead within close proximity of the other 3 departed craigslist escorts. Waterman was also a Mother of a child who was only four years old when she went missing. Megan Waterman was announced a missing person on June 6th, 2010. Megan like the other Long Island Escorts was not originally from New York State. Megan Waterman was from Scarborough, Maine. In bizarre coincidence she would move to live with her boyfriend in Brooklyn, New York in May 2010. A fatal decision as she would be last seen via surveillance footage leaving a Holiday Inn Express in Hauppauge, N.Y. Megan Waterman had her life taken away from at the young age of 22 years old by LISK.

Long Island Serial Killer Suspects

The Suffolk County Police Department has yet to apprehend LISK or identify who the Long Island Serial Killer is we are only left with suspects and persons of interest.

John Bittrolff

John Bittrolff (Born July 1st, 1966) a former Long Island Carpenter who lived in Manorville, NY is the believed to be the number one LISK Suspect. In May 2017 John Bittrolff was convicted of murdering 2 women and sentenced to 2 consecutive quarter life sentences. It was proven with DNA that from the year 1993 to 1994 John Bittrolff murdered Rita Tangredi and Colleen McNamee.

What makes John Bittrolff the top LISK Suspect is because both of his murder victims were Long Island Escorts. Rita who lived in East Patchogue had a police record of being a Long Island escort. It wasn’t proven as a fact that Colleen McNamee was a Long Island escort, but The Suffolk County Police Department had a strong belief that she was.

It is a fact that John Bittrolff is a murderer but what is unknown of the other woman or persons he may also murdered. Many believe that Bittrolff is responsible for the death of another Suffolk County, NY escort named Sandra Costilla who found dead on November 20th, 1993.

Joseph Brewer

Joseph Brewer is a resident at the private Long Island community of Oak Beach, NY. What makes Brewer a LISK Suspect is that he was the last client or “John” Shannan Gilbert. From this night on May 1st, 2010 she would go missing and to later be found dead in the Marshes nearby Joseph Brewer’s home.

Although The Suffolk County Police Department have cancelled out Joseph Brewer as a possible suspect it’s important to remember that the events of this night was the catalyst for the entire events related to the Long Island Serial Killer.

Joseph Brewer claims that when shortly after Shannan Gilbert arrived into his Oak Beach, NY home she began acting crazy and ran off into the grim night to where she would go onto slamming his neighbors doors. It was said she was shouting “they were trying to kill her” among other frantic cries for help.

Again, the SCPD cleared Joseph Brewer as a suspect because of no evidence to conclude any wrongdoing in relation to Shannan Gilbert’s death. According to Joseph Brewer he hired Shannan from the Craigslist Escort section for Long Island, which is now taken down.

Dr. Peter Hackett

Dr. Peter Hackett who is now a former resident of Oak Beach, NY private community became a suspect when 2 days after Shannan went missing he called her Mother, Mari Gilbert. Dr. Peter Hackett reportedly claimed to have treated Shannan Gilbert through his service “ran a home for wayward girls.” On this phone call he also mentioned that on May 1st which was the same day Shannan went missing he had treated her medically.

Another bizarre connection is that Peter Hackett was neighbors with Joseph Brewer in Oak Beach, NY. It was later concluded by authorities that Dr. Peter Hackett had a long history of getting involved in matters that didn’t involve him for some sick need to media attention.

Because of there being no evidence of him being involved and actual evidence he wasn’t a suspect he was cleared from the lists of potential suspects in relation to this case. Dr. Peter Hackett unlike most people not unlike most New Yorkers is that he retired to Florida.

Other LISK Suspects

We can go on and on to potential Long Island Serial Killer suspects. To keep this article on LISK concise and as accurate as possible we will continue to update this as new reports coming out from The Suffolk County Police Department to any other investigative journalism makes light.

Long Island Murders

Most people from Long Island are shocked by the fact that such a tragedy could happen in modern times. Especially in Suffolk County, NY is because most local residents see it as a very safe place to live and raise a family.

The only other murders that come to mind when associating them with Long Island is The Amityville Murders which took place in 1970s. Most people reading this weren’t even born when the infamous murders took place at 112 Ocean Avenue, Amityville, Long Island, NY.

One thing they do remember and know about is Amityville Horror House and all of the books, television specials and motion pictures that came out from the tragedy. This particular horrific event has been buried and masked with fantasy, conspiracies and has become a Long Island Legend.

It appears that the story of the Long Island Serial Killer is slowly turning into something very similar to what we know as the Amityville Horror in regard to amount of media coverage, conspiracy, movies, myths and legends around it.

List of Long Island Serial Killer Related Media:

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As LISK becomes more of a Long Island Legend will surely see it share the same clout as The Amityville Murders.


MAY 25th, 2020

A new victim has been found in the case against the Long Island Serial Killer. The body was found in relation to the Gilgo Beach murders that took place on Long Island. The victim has currently been announced as "Jane Doe #6".

Suffolk County Police Department authorities state that the name of the victim is going to be revealed: "in the near future". Former NYPD Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce announced that the identification of Jane Doe #6 could be a "game-changer" for the investigation.

This breakthrough comes after the recently reported announcement that the Shannon Gilberts 911 will be made available for investigators.

The remains were said to be found back in 2000 in the Pine Barrens in Manorville. Using DNA and Genetic Geneology, the body was able to be linked to the ongoing investigation into the Long Island Serial Killer (LISK).

The recent breakthroughs give the families of victims hope that justice will be served to the Long Island Serial Killer in the near future.

Check back for updates as more details emerge about "Jane Doe #6" and ongoing case against the Long Island Serial Killer.

JANUARY 16th, 2020

The Suffolk County Police Department Reveal New Information into the Gilgo Beach Murder Investigation. In short the authorities claim to have found a belt with the initials HM OR WH on it in relation to the LISK Murders. The Authorities wont disclose where they found this belt.

We want to make this clear as possible to our reader's. Here at Long Island Hub we have the upmost respect for our Law Enforcement, Fire Department, Medical Professionals and Every Signle Long Island Hero because they risk their lives everyday to keep us safe, secure and healthy.


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In Conclusion

This article on the Long Island Serial Killer is really the tip of the iceberg. It's a far cry to say we will able to discover who the real LISK Killer is. Before you finish reading this article remember that every human life is important. From the everyday John Doe, Mary Jane to even the lives of Long Island Escorts. Before we cast judgement on these woman for the actions they have taken it's important to take the time to understand why they found themselves in such a situation. For goodness sakes it ended up costing them their lives. It's so easy to label people and dismiss their value as a human. It's hard to take a new direction and try to understand the person. The former action has proven to be dangerous for as long as history has been recorded. The latter is the only answer to truly preventing future horror stories like this from happening again.

TAKE NOTE: An infamous serial killer from Chicago in the 19th Century who literally ran a Murder Mansion name was Herman Webster Mudgett or better known as H. H. Holmes. It is just a thought that the initials HM or WH coincide very well with infamous Chicago serial killer, Herman Webster Mudgett. Think about it.

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