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Real Estate On Long Island, NY

Long Island real estate is always in high demand! Being near New York City and offering top-notch school districts, Long Island will forever remain a highly desirable area.

Whether you are using the LIRR to commute to work or looking for suburbia, Long Island has it all. With the high demand to live here, housing prices are very expensive, maybe this area one of the most expensive in the country.

Long Island has sprawling beaches, trendy restaurants, and music venues. If you are looking for a continuation of New York City, Nassau County would be the area for you. Suffolk County showcases country vibes and bustling villages and towns.

Although both counties will boost a hefty price tag, resale of Long Island homes almost always goes up in value, making it a significant investment. Buying a house almost anywhere on the Island will make for a great asset and profit down the road!

Long Island Real Estate can always be a very competitive market and move quickly. If you are searching in a trendy area and a short commute to New York City, homes tend to scooped up rather quickly!

It is important to attend as many open houses as possible and when you finally find the perfect house, make an offer right away! Long Island homes for sale are usually listed through brokers and real estate companies.

Finding a trustworthy real estate agent to assist you with your home buying journey is a great idea. The agent can find out about sales very quickly and negotiate an offer within your budget.

If you choose to forgo the option of a real estate agent, it may be harder to bring the price of the house down. Considering all of the paperwork that goes into home buying, an experienced broker can help you every step of the way!

If you are not ready to buy a home on Long Island, apartments for rent in Long Beach are very desirable! Long Beach is a young, bustling, and picturesque beach town known for its nightlife and boardwalk.


Apartments for rent in Long Beach go even quicker than homes! A majority of rentals are signed for the summer ranging from May to September.

Couples and families like to spend their summer down by Long Beach to enjoy the ocean and various bars and restaurants. Apartments in this area can be expensive due to the high demand and not even space!

Houses and complexes are available to rent all year round and typically drop in price during the colder months. To find the perfect apartment for rent in Long Beach, you can either use one of the commonly used rental websites, or you can work with a broker.

A real estate agent will be able to find vacant houses and apartments available that are not listed on the market. If you are eager to make a move to Long Beach, it is smart to jump on the first perfect place you see before it’s gone!

Another popular living destination on Long Island in Plainview! Plainview apartments are more family oriented and would be considered a suburban area. This town is very commutable to New York City and contains a very reputable school district.

If you are looking to get away from the hustle and bustle, a Plainview apartment would be just right for you! Plainview Hospital is a big employer of the area, and an apartment complex would seemingly extend peace and quiet for hardworking professionals!

This town is also home to a lot of shopping centers, restaurants, but still would be considered residential. Being that Plainview apartments are not as high in demand, it may be a more affordable and budget-friendly option for couples or families just starting.

Other surrounding towns to Plainview are Syosset, Woodbury, Laurel Hollow, Oyster Bay Cove, East Norwich, Muttontown, Jericho, and Hicksville.

Long Island is home to a variety of cultures and backgrounds spread across 118 miles! Beach towns, suburban towns, rural towns, you name it, Long Island has it!

Long Island Real Estate is an extremely competitive market because of the beautiful homes, job opportunities, and family-friendly environment. 7.5 million people are proud to call Long Island their home!

Home > Browse Long Island Hub > Long Island Real Estate

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