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The Long Island Watch is well known as one of the world's most eccentric time pieces. With a large variety of Long Island Watches to choose from it may take a lot of work to discover which wrist watch is best. Looking at each Long Island Watch Company we answer this question for you. Watch this video titled Long Island Watch for more detailed information.

Investing in a valuable and luxurious timepiece is an investment in your professional future! Having a stylish and sophisticated watch can enhance your appearance, keep your schedule orderly, and make you feel great. Long Island watches can meet all of your expectations, offer a wide variety, selection, and value. Read this article to learn about the Long Island Watch.

Franck Muller Watches

Learn About The Franck Muller Long Island Watch

Franck Muller timepieces display decadent attention to detail and complete any outfit, for any occasion. More specifically, the Long Island Franck Muller collection is inspired by the architecture of Long Island and encompasses the Novecento style. The is Franck Muller Long Island White Pearl Dial Women Watch is 2020's best seller.

These watches have the Franck Muller rectangular signature shape and unique number display. The eye-catching colors and numerals add a distinct elegance to the collection and enhance the diamond details. The Franck Muller Long Island is the most popular of all his time pieces.

Every piece of the Franck Muller Long Island watches collection is handcrafted with care and will capture the beauty in all. Whether you are looking for a colorful creation or a more modern look, Franck Muller has something for every taste. From the hand-painted alligator straps to contemporary watchbands, feel free to customize your Franck Muller however you see fit.

The Long Island watch collection is one of Franck Muller’s most popular designs yet. Ladies and Gentlemen are welcome to start shopping and browsing wherever Franck Muller is sold. Read the latest Long Island Watch Review of 2020 .

Orient Watches

Discover Orient Watches from the Orient Bambino to the Orient USA

Another phenomenal Long Island Watch company is Orient Watches.The Orient brand was born in 1950 and embodies the latest Japanese street fashion for the world to enjoy. Read this indepth Orient Watch Review of 2020.

The Orient Bambino timepiece collection takes a circular watch face shape and is paired with various leather straps. A simplistic look, the Orient watch brand embraces value for Long Island watch shoppers. Keeping a classy appearance, Orient watches featured a domed crystal, dial, and glowing moon.

Throughout this collection, most timepieces typically feature three distinct colors from a neutral palate. Orient watches can compliment any outfit and represent more of an ‘everyday’ look and feel.

From a branding perspective, the Orient timepieces are proud to mix tradition and value into their own style revolution. Using traditional color schemes, Orient is redefining unparalleled mechanical movement and embracing the Japanese culture thoroughly.

The trending Orient watches of 2020 are listed below:

  • Orient Bambino
  • Orient Bambino 2
  • Orient Bambino V3
  • Orient Bambino V4
  • Orient Mako
  • Orient Mako II
  • Orient USA
  • Orient Mako USA II
  • Orient Star
  • Orient Star Classic
  • Bambino Small Seconds
  • Second Generation Bambino Version 2
  • Second Generation Bambino Version 1
  • Sun and Moon Version 3
  • The Classic Bambino
  • The Sun and Moon Version 3

The superior craftsmanship of the Orient Watch collections set the tone for your life! Creating the perfect outfit sometimes comes down the accessory you wear on your wrist. In 2020, The Orient Men's Automatic Stainless Steel was crowned the Long Island Watches #1 best seller for Orient.

Read this popular article for more information titled, Orient Watch Review 2020.

Marathon Watches

Learn About The Marathon Watch

Lastly, the Marathon timepiece collection is another Long Island watch favorite. The company began in 1904 under the name Weinstrum Watch, named by the Wein Brothers.

When 1930 came, Morris Wein started to Marathon Watch, creating and manufacturing luxurious timepieces for North America. Since 1941, the Marathon company has been handcrafting watches for the Allied Forces and are comprised of the fourth-generation family, continuing tradition.

Marathon watches not only keep track of time but can also measure temperature and distance. The brand prides itself on utilizing military durability and Swiss engineering to instill the highest quality for its consumers.

Marathon watches exude a darker facade and embrace a black palate. The watches are categorized by air, land, and sea, and each timepiece has its purpose. If you live an active Long Island lifestyle, the Marathon collection has something just for you.

If you are going for a minimalistic look, the General Purpose Mechanical with Tritium (GPM) in Stainless Steel evokes just that.

Another trending watch is the Search and Rescue Jumbo Diver’s with Margalo with a rubber watch band. Lastly, if you are going from day to a Long Island night, you may consider the Search and Rescue Medium Diver’s Quartz timepiece. Although this embodies a neutral color palate, it will work for any occasion.

Buy a Long Island Watch in 2020!

From Orient Watches, Marathon Watches to the Franck Muller Long Island Which Long Island Watch Company Will Be Worth Your Time?

Long Island watches are a popular trend among all consumers! Finding the right timepiece to match your lifestyle can be a tedious path.

The Long Island Franck Muller timepiece collection, Orient Bambino, and Marathon watches are all excellent investments for men and women. A magnificent timepiece benefits your professional, personal, and active future.

Having a watch to accompany you on all of life’s journeys is an essential accessory to shop around for. Long Island watches offer service, value, and style for all ages. Start your shopping today!

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