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Wedding Venues Long Island

We Cover Long Island Wedding Venues from Unique, Inexpensive, Small to Romantic Venues on the Water. As a couple, your wedding day is one of the most important days of your lives together.

Long Island wedding venues can create the day and night of your dreams in a serene and romantic setting. What makes wedding venues on Long Island so unique is the attention to every detail and the variety of event spaces to choose from.

Read this article now to unlock the secrets why you and your romantic partner must celebrate your wedding on Long Island.

Long Island Wedding Venues on the Water

If you are a bride-to-be looking for the tranquil setting of the ocean or sound for your wedding, look no further than Long Island! There are dozens of venues to choose from that allow for the elegance of a wedding hall and the casualness of the water.

Whether you are looking for places in Nassau or Suffolk County, there is not a shortage of mansions or country club’s steps away from the sand.

Some famous beaches to research include Long Beach, Jones Beach, Robert Moses, South Oyster Bay, and of course, the Hamptons! All these locations offer rich elegance, sunset views, and picturesque scenery.

If you are looking for a North Shore wedding, Oyster Bay beach and Bayville are equally as charming!

Long Island wedding venues on the water are one-of-a-kind and should be on every bride’s list when booking appointments.

Another tip is to make sure you book a local wedding photographer to capture the beautiful moments when you say ‘I do’ on the water. You can start by googling ‘wedding photographers near me’ as your first point of research.

Unique Wedding Venues on Long Island

If getting married near the water isn’t your style, there are plenty of unique wedding venues to choose from on Long Island. Some popular destinations include old historic mansions, restored barns, vineyards and wineries, arboretums, etc.

If you are looking to go the unconventional route, Long Island has that too! Couples have been tying the knot at theaters, aquariums and exhibition centers, a museum farm, and museums of art.

In addition to these unique wedding venue options, Long Island has an abundance of buildings available for rent to customize any way you like. From rustic to modern touches, renting an event space is the perfect way to go to recreate your vision.

Inexpensive Wedding Venue Options on Long Island

Looking to celebrate your marriage without breaking the bank? A trendy and affordable option is having a backyard wedding! You can rent tents, chairs, caterers, food trucks, decorations, and everything else you would need to make your big day special.

A great idea to make this day successful is to hire a wedding planner! Wedding planner costs vary depending on the depth and timeliness of your wedding. Hiring an experienced event coordinator is a smart option to keep track of deliveries, budgets, and making sure everything comes together! They can assist in finding cheap wedding venues near you, photographers, flower arrangements, and whatever else you envisioned on your wedding day.

Small Wedding Venues

Long Island Wedding venues come in all shapes and sizes. If you are looking for a more intimate sized group, a small wedding venue would be right up your alley!

Some tremendous small wedding venue options are boutique hotels, vineyards, backyards, and restaurants with event space. A trendy destination for intimate weddings is on boardwalks or docks. These spaces capture the beauty of Long Island, sunsets, the beach, the sound, and nature! Having a smaller wedding also cuts down on the cost of photographers and videographers.

Long Island weddings typically have a hefty price tag because of the strong desire and demand to get married here. Having a smaller, close-knit style wedding is a great way to enjoy your special day without breaking your budget.

Don’t Forget About The Wedding Cake!

Long Island is known for its fine culinary skills and an abundance of bakeries! To have the wedding cake of your dreams, book this as far in advance as possible!

Wedding cake prices vary throughout Long Island, but it is important to conduct several taste tests in advance. A lot of couples will make an appointment with bakers or other establishments to have their wedding cake made and tasted! Although wedding planning can be stressful, wedding cake taste testing can be a lot of fun!