Long Island Vineyards

Long Island Vineyards and Wineries

Welcome to Long Island Wine Country! Long Island’s winery and vineyard scene has a dedicated region and sprawls amongst the north and south shore of Suffolk County. Whether you are into red or white wine, Long Island’s picturesque region has something for every occasion and every palate.

Long Island Wine Country

Wine Country History:

Alex and Louisa Hargrave began their first winery just by planting a seed in Cutchogue, New York in 1973. Following, a group of investors, grape growers, and winemakers with amazing backgrounds from all over the globe joined in to help make this a reality.

The broad vision among the group and experience making wine created a unique culture that started receiving attention. More than forty-years late, the Long Island Wine Country region is one of the most visited wine-regions in the country!

What to Expect at a Long Island Vineyard

When visiting a Long Island vineyard and winery, you can expect to see expansive farmland dedicated to growing vines for wine! You can take in the beautiful views by relaxing at a picnic table with friends and family. Most vineyards offer wine flights and bottles for sale as well as board games and food trucks!

When the spring and summer months hit, wineries in this region are a go-to spot! On weekends and rush times, musicians and bands will play acoustic tones as you spit on red or white wine. Although the vines are just for producing the wine, several vineyards will hire food trucks to park on their property and serve lunch or dinner.

It is encouraged to purchase a wine flight to find out which wine you enjoy the most! A lot of people will buy a bottle of their favorite and enjoy it on a patio setting.

Events at Long Island Wineries

Considering the beauty of the Long Island Wine Country region, you can expect people to plan events there. It is not unusual for couples to plan their wedding or engagement photos at these settings. A lot of Long Island vineyards will rent out their space for special occasions during the warmer months.

Besides weddings venues, bachelor and bachelorette parties are also frequent in the region. These groups will take advantage of the Long Island wine tour business! Residents can rent a bus that stops at several wineries throughout the day and allows people to visit several vineyards at once.

You can also plan out your very own Long Island wine tour by driving around the north and south forks of Long Island. Since some locations are relatively close, it would make for a lovely afternoon!

Long Island Wineries and Vineyards also like to host their events! You can expect to see nights featuring gin and whiskey, wine and design nights, food pairings, brunches, and outdoor movie nights!

What to do at Long Island Vineyards

Although wineries are famous for wine, of course, several vineyards will offer different liquors on specific nights to change it up! Make sure to check the vineyards calendar for updates.

Wine and design nights are a fan favorite across Long Island. Attendees can expect to be paired with a skilled painting instructor and walked through painting a picture! These classes will also offer wine from the vineyard as you sit back, relax, and paint your very own picture!

Some classes are a beginner, intermediate, and advanced based on your skill level. You can also sign up with a partner and make a creative painting that intersects together. If you like food and wine, joining a food pairing night would be a lot of fun! Some nights will feature chocolate and wine, cupcakes and wine, cheese and wine.

Whichever you prefer, check the Long Island Wine Country calendar for more information. Brunch at a Long Island vineyard is always a great option! Several locations will advertise reservations on holidays like Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day, etc. with a pri-fixed menu available. If you are looking to enjoy a meal with a beautiful view, check out a vineyard in Long Island’s wine region.

The last popular event at a vineyard is outdoor movies! Discover the relaxation effect of enjoying a glass of wine, on a lounge chair during the spring/summer months, and a great movie!

In Conclusion

Several vineyards offer free outdoor movie nights on weekend days with a purchase of a glass or bottle of wine! With wine country season quickly approaching, make sure you plan out your summer in Long Island’s famous wine region.

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