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CPR Network's is the best computer repair service on Long Island New York. We are recognized on Long Island New York as the authority in PC fixing, PC organizing, infection evacuation, infection insurance, Software Installation, and Phone Installation.

At CPR Network’s we deliver high on value at an affordable price, especially or small businesses on Long Island, NY. We come exceedingly recommended and have more than 30 years of experience.

CPR Network's has been Voted Long Island Hub 2022’s for best New York Computer Help!

Contact CPR Network now to schedule your appointment as soon as possible! Located near by in Commack New York!

You can reach us at our phone number: (631) 300-6296

Below here is a list of our computer, phone, routing and technical services that we cover:

PC Networking

The universes biggest asset shared present is an association between PCs to the Internet. Call now (631) 300-6296 and ask for Leo!

PC Repair

From enormous too little. We will fix and safeguard your PC and information. Ask for Leo! (631) 300-6296.

Infection Removal

Infection contaminates a considerable number of PC's regular. We can expel all infections from your PC and system. Call now and ask for Leo Rojas! (631) 300-6296.

Infection Protection

The best sort of offense is decent protection. We offer the best infection assurance to keep away from a future emergency. Call our phone number (631) 300-6296 and request for Leonardo!

Programming Installation

From Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Cloud, to any program you may require for yourself or business. Contact us at our company phone number (631) 300-6296.

Telephone Installation

Simple and straightforward telephone framework establishment. Also, if your phone system runs into speed bumps we can help service you. There is a reason why we often hear businesses say tell us so often that we provided them with genius phone repair.


Call us immediately at: (631) 300-6296. At this point your should know who to ask for, Leo the Commack Computer Repair Service Genius.

If Leonardo the computer genius is not available by the phone leave a voice mail but if it is very important also send out an e-mail

Are you wondering what “CPR” with our company names stand for?

If yes keep reading!

Our tech services are not limited to only dealing with computers as our company name “CPR” is an acronym for computer, routing (for cables.)

Hopefully this answers your question to why we offer such a large variety of expert technological specialty services.

We also serve New York City, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Delaware, Mary Land, Virginia, Vermont, New Hampshire and New Jersey. We are experts, so we cover everything from Apple computers and laptops to Microsoft Computers and PC’s.

Our central goal is dependably to convey quality, consistency and at the same time making you feel safe amid the procedure. When you search for "computer service near me" there is a reason WHY we pop up 1st!

You will feel safe presenting to us your PC regardless of how enormous the issue. We have your best interest in mind at all time and are willing to work long hours and go the extra mile to solve any of your computer related problems.

With experts on our group having more than 30 years of involvement in the business, no issue hasn't been handled that we can't. CPR Network’s is a rapidly growing company so if you are looking for computer repair jobs, contact us at our e-mail We will be more than happy to review your application to see if you quality for a position at CPR Networks.

We don't see issues or problems. We see chances and opportunities to bring your business solutions and favorable results. We only give our hardest effort to make the unthinkable, conceivable a reality. We are situated in Commack, NY. We represent considerable authority in Computer Repair, Virus Removal, Phone Installation to many other PC and telephone related arrangements.

Remember we have been voted to be the best New York Computer Help!

If you are on Long Island, NY and you are in need of our services stop suffering and let us bring you solutions! We are the best computer repair service on Long Island, NY and we also serve New York City in addition to the surround states.


Phone: (631) 300-6296