Strong Island

Step by Step Guide to Everything Strong Island aka Long Island

What is Strong Island NY?

Strong Island NY is a nickname for Long Island, New York. Most boroughs, cities, villages, counties, and towns in New York have their own unique nickname.

Where is Strong Island NY located?

Strong Island NY is Long Island, NY. So, It’s the same location as Long Island and the only difference is the name.

What does Strong Island NY mean?

Long Island, NY was dubbed the nickname Strong Island, NY. It gives Long Islander's a sense of pride vs. saying they are from just Long Island, NY. There are many other New York examples where the locals nickname their area. In Brooklyn, they adopted their nicknamed "Crooklyn." For the Bronx, their moniker is short and sweet. The Bronx locals refer to their borough directly in two letters as the "BX." Many residents who live in Upstate New York literally want to rename their geographical location to New Amsterdam. For example, For example, many kids who attended Sayville High School gave the town the less than admirable nickname "Stainville."

More on the history and use of the nickname Strong Island, NY.

Strong Island the Film

Long Island, aka Strong Island, was a film that is featured on Netflix.

Movie Synopsis of the Strong Island Film:

Strong Island narratives the circular segment of a family crosswise over history, geology and disaster - from the racial isolation of the Jim Crow South to the guarantee of New York City; from the assumed wellbeing of white-collar class rural areas, to the whirlwind of an unexpected, fierce demise. It is the account of the Ford family: Barbara Dunmore, William Ford and their three kids and how their lives were formed by the suffering shadow of race in America. A profoundly private and reflective film, Strong Island asks what one can do when the melancholy of misfortune is weaved with correct lousy form, and how one ponders the complicity of quiet, which can tie a family in an impersonation of life, and a country with a misguided feeling of equity.

The Strong Island Film has been nominated and won awards in the double digits!

Receiving nominations and awards from the Sundance Film Festival, Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin Panorama film festival, Official Selection True/False Film Fest, Montclair Film Festival to many more!

On Rotten Tomatoes it received their highest honor off 100% Certified Fresh on the Tomatometer.

Even on Indiewire, they had to put their 2 cents in the Strong Island Film.

The world-famous People's magazine even took notice and wrote an article on the Strong Island Film.

List of The people who made the Strong Island Netflix Film:

  • Yance Ford Director & Producer
  • Danny Glover Executive Producer
  • Susan Rockefeller Executive Producer
  • Michel Merkt Executive Producer
  • Laura Poitras Executive Producer
  • Signe Byrge Sørensen Co Producer
  • Joslyn Barnes Writer & Producer
  • Alan Jacobsen Photography Director
  • Janus Billeskov Jansen Film Editor
  • Ms. Takagi Sound Recordist
  • Hildur guðnadóttir Original Music Score

Watch the Strong Island Film Trailer:

Now let's talk about another hot Strong Island topic!

Will Long Island ever be renamed Strong Island, NY?

Many Long Islander's have great pride in their two counties. They believe Strong Island NY is the rebirth of Long Island, NY's pride. The people are trying to create a movement more significant than the Atlantic Ocean that surrounds them.

These energetic pioneers are pushing a new agenda they want Long Islander's to follow.

They ask when anyone from Long Island goes to another state they experience the same issues. In the other country outside of New York and say they are from Long Island, NY. Most of the time, they have never heard of the island. A lot of times they just think it's just a drink in reference to the Long Island Iced Tea. Long Island is also known for their pizza and bagels. Long Island Restaurants have more types of cuisine then just pizza and bagels but what some locals call the best mexican restaurant, which is located in Bayport, NY.

Another issue Long Islander's face is that people outside of the NY state think New York means just the city. So, they think you are some city trotter when in reality you live in the suburbs.

Many people on Long Island love New York City, as in even it the most east regions on the Island, NYC is an hour or less train ride away over to Penn Station.

Perhaps this could change with making the nickname of Long Island more well known. So now & forever Long Island will be known as Strong Island, NY.

For fun, if you are from Long island when you travel to any of the other 49 states, and you asked that magic question. Say you are from Strong Island, NY and let us see if it catches on.

How Businesses Market with Strong Island NY

Many Long Island businesses are well aware of the more relaxed way to say Long Island. By merely replacing Long with Strong, they add a different feel to their brand. Some businesses like Roller Derbies on long island, Crossfit Fitness Centers on Long Island to even radio stations taking advantage of using the nickname Strong Island.

What is the origin of the nickname Strong Island?

There are much debate and controversy surrounding around who or what was the origin of the moniker Strong Island for Long Island.

As per usual with many popular nicknames, everyone has their own story.

Theory One:

It's the nickname for Long Island's Poor Towns.

Long Island is the suburbs. Glen Cove, Baldwin, Rockville Centre, Valley Stream is viewed as Long Island; nonetheless, it is not considered Strong Island NY.

What is considered Strong Island NY is viewed as the ghetto esk areas on Long Island. From specific streets like Martin Luther King Drive, Terrace Avenue, Nassau Road to Babylon Tpke.

To Long Island Towns like Hempstead, Roosevelt, Babylon, Wyandanch, Brentwood, North Amityville, Elmont to Freeport.

Theory Two:

It was born out of Hip Hop.

It is rumored that in the 1980s multiple hip hop artists and DJ's claimed the name Strong Island first. Involving famous musicians like Chuck D, Flava Flav & others.

Theory Three:

It was a street gang.

Legend has it that in the early 90s formed a small gang calling themselves the "Strong Island Boys." It was said it was a group of middle-class Caucasian kids who lived in a predominately Hispanic & African American town. They believed they needed to posse up together to be safe from the other rival gangs.

Theory Four:

It started as a Basketball Team.

Rumor has it that there was a Basketball league that played nearby the Long Island Sound. With that being said, they came up with their team name being the "Strong Island Sound."

Theory Five:

It's just a slang word.

To pinpoint the exact origins of Strong Island may be next to impossible. It's safe to say much like other locations that were given nicknames it just came about naturally.

Think about it. Long obviously rhymes with Strong. The meaning being Strong represents strength, something anyone would be happy to take pride in.

The most popular theory is this one. That is simply just arrived a natural slang nickname for Long Island, NY.

We hope you enjoyed this in depth article on every Strong Island, NY.