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Town of Oyster Bay Supervisor Joseph Saladino Confirmed that Amazon is in Talks With the Owners of The Cerro Wire Property!
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Long Island News Post Published on June, 15th 2020, writted by Nick P

Town of Oyster Bay Supervisor Joseph Saladino confirmed that Amazon is in talks with the owners of the Cerro Wire property, which is located in Syosset. The company is discussing the possibility of opening a 200,000 square foot warehouse in the Nassau County town.

The Amazon warehouse would be located on the South end of the property which is away from homes and schools which have been opposed to developing the land. Many deals that would bring large companies into the area have been turned down since 1998 by the local residents. Joseph Saladino has stated that he has seen the site plans that Amazon has, but at this time nothing has been submitted to Oyster Bay.

Amazon Exploring Long Island Warehouse

A major factor in if this deal will go through seems to be how the talks go between Amazon and property owner Syosset Park Development LLC.

If the deal goes through, it would offer a jolt into the local economy, which has taken a hit from COVID, leaving many Long Islanders unemployed. The warehouse would be expected to offer 400 delivery driver positions and 150 warehouse worker positions.

“New York City’s loss is our gain in the town of Oyster Bay, and we will continue to be the leaders for all of Long Island on economic recovery, helping our businesses grow and flourish, and Amazon is a tremendous step in that recovery,” Saladino stated.

Amazon already has two warehouses in Bethpage. This new push for another warehouse in Syosset comes a year after talks about a possible Long Island City warehouse fell through after pushback from the local community.

Time will tell whether Amazon is able to open another warehouse in the local area. The Cerro Wire site where Amazon is looking to build its warehouse has gained a “Forever Abandoned” reputation over the years, as businesses have had a hard time forming a deal to make use of the land.

What is Cerro Wire?

Cerrowire is an American owned company that manufactures and distributes quality copper and aluminum wire and cable products. This includes building wire, portable cord, and specialty wires. Cerrowire still maintains ownership of its property in Syosset and has been involved in many deals discussing the use of the land in the past. Local executives are hopeful that the talks with Amazon will lead to the land finally being used again.

Is This The Economic Jolt Long Island Needs?

Although Amazon would be able to provide jobs for serval hundred Long Island residents, we must as if these are the jobs we should want. As much as 80% of the Long Island economy is made up of small businesses. However, the COVID pandemic has forced many who worked their entire life to build a business to close their doors.

Amazon coming into the area will surely be another hit for small businesses in the area. We already benefit from the outstanding prices offered by Amazon and their exceptional Prime delivery speed, but it is important to see how this impacts small businesses in the area.

As many people are now aware the COVID is not nearly as deadly as organizations such as the WHO and CDC predicted, we must be aware of the attempts of big companies to wipe out several small businesses for their own benefit.

It is now more important than ever to support your favorite small businesses, as this recent crisis has made large corporations have even more of an advantage over local “Mom and Pop” shops due to most of them having to be closed while mega corporations were still operating.



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Long Island News Post Published June 15th, 2020

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