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Will Cuomo Hear Long Island Business Owners Message?
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Long Island News Post Published on May, 15th 2020 Written by Nick P

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Several business owners throughout Long Island are fed up with the restrictions put in place that do not allow them to open. As Nassau and Suffolk counties are getting closer to meeting the state's requirements to reopen, local small business owners have a message for Governor Cuomo; Let us work.

Although Nassau and Suffolk counties have come closer to the ability to re-open, there are still 2 benchmarks that have not been met. The first reopening face cannot begin until there is a further decrease in total hospitalizations and a 14-day decline in-hospital deaths.

These are the metrics for the first of four phases to begin, which means that not every business will be allowed to open when the criteria are met to begin phase 1.

NY Governor Cuomo said that Long Island will be considered as a single region and data will be averaged between Nassau and Suffolk Counties.

Angry Long Island Business Owners

Long Island Town Says “We Need to Reopen Now”

Business owners in the Village of Massapequa Park , are growing tired with the inability to open their business. The town's main street has been deserted since the pandemic began, a grim-looking site for long time residents.

Denise Tristano, a local spa owner says “All my clients are calling me every day saying, ‘Can I be first?’.

Many business owners feel the same way, as they have not been able to run their business in over a month. Others feel as if they have had their rights taken away and have had enough of the situation. “My civil liberties have been taken away from me. I have not made a dollar since the government shut down in March,” charter boat owner Joseph Tangel said.

Small businesses, which make up a majority of Long Island, have been hit among the hardest from the restriction rules being imposed. Nassau and Suffolk counties have a total of 105,000 businesses. Of those 105,000, 93,000 have fewer than 20 employees.

The other 12,000 companies make up the rest of the workforce. The growing frustration with the lockdown seems to be mounting not only on Long Island but across the United States.

The Town of Hempstead is considering giving the green light to restaurants to operate with temporary outdoor permits allowing for seating outside. This is something being considered in the Town of Oyster Bay as well and would provide a much-needed spark for social life and the local economy.

Long Island Phase 1 by June?

As Nassau and Suffolk county have met 5 of the 7 benchmarks to reopen, people are trying to plan for when phase 1 will begin. It seems as if the May 15th deadline put in place by NY Governor Cuomo will only apply to upstate regions for the time being until Long Island can successfully meet the criteria.

Some Long Island business owners have said they are considering reopening early, despite defying orders and possibly being faced with hefty fines. These owners have stated if they did decide to reopen early they would follow all medical guidelines to ensure the health of both their staff and customers.

Scott Rechler, chairman and chief executive of RXR Realty LLC states that even after reopening, officials are warning business owners to adjust to “a new abnormal”.

For example, many are assuming there will be capacity restrictions put in place on businesses that will affect the amount of revenue they will be able to generate. It is expected that restaurants will not be able to fill all of their tables immediately upon reopening, which is going to surely affect margins for owners.

These capacity restrictions may have a trickle-down effect, as shrinking margins may force business owners to let go of even more employees, adding to the already record totals of unemployed.

Nassau County Health Commissioner Lawrence Eisenstein voiced his opinion on businesses reopening, stating, “The worst thing that can happen for businesses and all of us is if we have a huge increase in cases and we end up right back at the beginning.”

Going forward, only time will tell when restrictions can ease up on Long Island, but it seems like June 1st is a little far fetched for phase 1 given the current information.


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Long Island News Post Published May 15th, 2020 Written by Nick P

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