ChainSmokers Host Controversial Concert on Long Island!
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Long Island News Post Published on July 29th 2020, Written by Nick P.

ChainSmokers Host Controversial Concert on Long Island!

Many government officials have responded to the recent concert in Southampton New York of Suffolk County that was hosted by The Chainsmokers. A video of the concert showed a large crowd having a good time and was likely the first concert they have had the opportunity to go to in months went viral over the weekend.

ChainSmokers Southampton Drive-In Concert

On Saturday, a charity drive-in show titled Safe & Sound, allowed 500 cars, with about 2,000 people total if all vehicles were full, was the center of the controversy.

In addition to the performance from the Chainsmokers, Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon and Southampton Town Supervisor Jay Schneiderman's band performed.

However, local officials took offense to the video, with Governer Cuomo responding with a statement "We have no tolerance for the illegal reckless endangerment of public health," he said on Twitter.

In addition, he said that he was “appalled” at the scene and that an investigation into "egregious social distancing violations” will be conducted by the state Department of Health.

In a social media video released by NY Governor Cuomo, attendees appeared to be wearing masks, but many individuals were standing closer than 6 feet.

This event leads New Yorkers and especially Long Islanders to ask a few questions about the government's response to this situation.

  1. If masks work, why are concert attendees being criticized for standing less than 6 feet apart?
  2. Why is the state government putting the blame on people who attended a charity event, instead of the local government that approved it?
  3. Who are the people attending the concerts putting at risk of getting sick besides themselves and the people in their household?
  4. If they thought had a highly infectious disease, why would they take such a risk by going to this event?

While everyone is encouraged to practice Social Distancing and other proposed guidelines, it is still important to enjoy life even in these unusual times.

Hopefully, the event does not cause a spike in cases within Long Island Communities and we can move forward with more concerts, sports, and events to look forward to!

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Long Island News Post Published July 29th, 2020

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