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Long Island News: How Severe is it?
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Long Island News Post Published on April, 8th 2020

Coronavirus Outbreak on Long Island: How Severe is it?

The coronavirus has made an incredible impact on the greater New York City area, as public schools and non-essential businesses have been ordered to close. As expected, there has been a significant economic fallout and systems have had to change and adapt for these unprecedented times.

New York City has been named as the “epicenter of the United States outbreak” with 130,689 confirmed cases of COVID-19. Source CDC.

Out of the confirmed coronavirus cases, there have been a total of 4,758 deaths as of April 8th, 2020. Long Island Towns are watching these statistics climb and bracing for impact as they are so close to the epicenter.

Long Island Named Coronavirus “hotspot”

There are a total of about 3 million residents between Nassau and Suffolk County with more than 29,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 throughout Long Island. Although the number of confirmed cases is high for the area, the Social Distancing orders mandated by the state significantly helped “flatten the curve” of the Coronavirus.

Although the Social Distancing Regulations put in place have helped slow the spread, many Long Islanders have had to travel into Manhattan for work in recent weeks before their respective company was mandated to temporarily close. On Monday April 6th, NY Governor Cuomo reiterated that although we may have “flattened the curve”.

Long Island Cases are continuing to spike! As the number of confirmed cases nears 30,000, that is more than 45 states in the entire United States of America.

Nassau County Executive Laura Curran went on to say that she believes the numbers are going to get worse in the coming week, as we are nearing the climax of the COVID-19 outbreak. She describes this as the “ripple effect” of being a dense area located next to a major city.

Why Are There So Many Coronavirus Cases On Long Island?

As previously mentioned, there are about 3 million residents in Nassau and Suffolk County as well as roughly 8.6 million people in New York City alone. Because of the dense population and close proximity between these locations, the spread of the virus between them was likely to happen.

Even though Long Island saw this coming, the spread of the virus in the area was inevitable. This is due to the commute that many Long Islander's make to Manhattan to work is likely a large park of the reason the outbreak has spread to many Long Island Towns.

“Long Island now has become a hot spot” - President Donald J. Trump

Impact of Long Island Coronavirus Outbreak

If you are fortunate enough to not be affected directly by the Coronavirus personally, it is still important to do your part in slowing the spread. A major impact of the outbreak on Long Island has been the over capacity of Long Island Hospitals and medical facilities. Several Long Island Hospitals are at capacity and others are quickly filling up.

Long Island Medical News & Updates

Dr. Michael Gitman, medical director at North Shore announced that emergency tents are being propped up in the parking lot of the North Shore University Hospital Manhasset, N.Y as a proactive response to the capacity issue hospitals are facing. These tents are said to hold about 60 additional beds. The goal is to not have to use these emergency tents by containing the outbreak in the coming days and weeks.

To make matters worse, there is a severe shortage of medical supplies in the area. There have been multiple reports of a shortage of Personal Protection Equipment for medical staff throughout Long Island. Local officials have been regularly contacting the Federal Government in assistance in gaining more medical supplies to allow our community heroes such as nurses and doctors to do their job safely and effectively.

How Many Long Island Coronavirus Cases Are There Now?

There are currently 34,392 confirmed Coronavirus Cases right now on Long Island.

On a positive note, the rise in cases should not be significant due to the social distancing procedures that have been put in place. After the apex of the spread of COVID-19 that is expected to happen in the near future, the number of cases should start to decrease.

Keep in mind that many people currently have COVID-19 but cannot get tested due to the shortage of tests, so there are likely a higher number of actual cases then being reported.

For updated daily information about the spread of Coronavirus throughout Long Island, see this List of coronavirus cases by town.

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