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Long Island News Post Published on June, 29th 2020, writted by Nick P

New York State has experienced a new low in Coronavirus deaths and hospitalizations across the state since mid-March, NY Governor Cuomo announced Sunday. 5 people died from complications of the illness on Saturday, which is the lowest number of deaths since the pandemic began. Nassau and Suffolk County counties reported 1 case in each respective county.

As New York experiences a drop in cases, states such as Florida and Texas are seeing a massive spike in recent days. Cuomo stated "Our progress is a direct result of New Yorkers' discipline and hard work and an incremental, data-driven reopening. While today's numbers are very encouraging, New Yorkers must remain vigilant or the numbers will shoot right back up. Be smart, wear a mask, stay New York Tough!"

NY Governor Cuomo

The governor met with New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy and Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont before announcing a quarantine of incoming travelers coming from states experiencing a high number of COVID-19 cases.

The number of hospitalizations in New York dropped to 869 on Saturday, which is down 39 total from the previous day. This leaves New York with a statewide death toll at 24,835. The number of confirmed cases is 392, 539 since the beginning of the outbreak.

You can view an updated list of Coronavirus cases by Long Island Towns HERE.

NY Governor Cuomo has left the fate of these high-risk businesses in the hands of local health officials. It is expected the progress of these high-risk businesses in other states will be monitored before a determination is made. This is not what local business owners want to hear, as they still have to deal with the ongoing expenses without generating revenue.

How Does This Affect Long Island?

The governor was quick to warn residents that cases in the area can spike similarly to other states if we are not careful. This is part of the reason for the quarantine imposed on those entering the state. "I’m afraid the infection rates in other states will come back to New York and raise that rate again," Cuomo said. His staff has reached out to states with rising infection rates to offer the extra ventilators New York has or to help establish contract tracing programs.

As we have seen in other states that have reopened, Coronavirus is not gone just yet. We must take preventive measures when reopening to avoid rolling backward in the reopening process, as we can observe other states doing.

Although Long Island is not seeing the dramatic spike other states have seen, it is better to be safe than sorry to avoid another lockdown at all costs. Local Businesses have struggled to get through recent months, and those that made it through simply would not be able to survive another period of being closed.

It is recommended to follow all CDC guidelines as we approach Phase 4, which will no longer include gyms and shopping malls being able to reopen. Although the interest of everyone's safety is the priority, one must ask themself why people are able to shop in Corporations such as Costco but are unable to shop within a shopping mall. If the precautions we are actively taking as a community as effective, why is there a need for businesses to remain closed?


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Long Island News Post Published June 29th, 2020

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