Did You Notice The Color Of Long Island Trees?

Long Island Have Recently Changed Color After Tropical Storm Isaias.
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Long Island News Post Published on August 26th 2020, Written by Nick P.

Many residents are noticing that trees throughout Long Island have recently changed color after Tropical Storm Isaias. They weren't the only ones who took notice of this trend, as the national weather service says that there is an “interesting phenomenon” affecting the color of Long Island trees.

A tweet was issued by the National Weather Service showing a tree with its south side being brown and the other side of the tree in its normal green coloring, a trend that can be seen throughout Long Island.

Did You Notice The Color Of Long Island Trees?

“You can very clearly see that much of the south side of the vegetation looks as if it has progressed into late autumn with much of it turning brown. However, the north side of the trees and the bushes are still green!” the weather service explained.

What could cause this to happen? According to the NWS, the powerful wind produced by Isaias — with gusts up to 70 mph in some areas — caused ocean spray containing sea salt to blow onto the south side of plants and trees along the island’s south shore.

The National Weather Service explained that the powerful winds from Isaias caused ocean spray contaminating sea salt to blow onto trees and plants. The side of the vegetation facing south was most affected by this phenomenon.

As a result, many trees are now turning brown and some are even losing leaves already. At first glance, you may mistake the look of some trees for their autumn stage look. However, when you go outside and feel the temperature you will realize we are not quite done with summer just yet as we hang on to the last few weeks of warm temperatures and sunshine.


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Long Island News Post Published August 26th, 2020

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