How Clean Is Your Long Island Water?

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Long Island News Post Published on July 20th 2020, Written by Nick P.

Do You Know How Clean Your Long Island Water Actually Is?

Long Island has recently had 4 sites rated “poor” for their water quality after recently being tested by a team of students and scientists. Led by Chris Gobler, professor of marine science at Stony Brook University and director of the New York State Center for Clean Water Technology, water quality tests were done in around 30 locations around Long Island.

How Clean Is Your Long Island Water?

The results are then compiled into the Long Island Water Quality Report, which provides snapshots of the health of the ecosystem and assesses how well the region's bays, harbors, and inlets support robust fishing and shellfishing activity.

A good rating indicates clear water, adequate oxygen level levels, and no or low levels of algae or bacteria from human or animal waste. Levels of all parameters must meet or exceed federal water quality standards to earn a rating of “good”.

Long Island towns with poor water quality MUST contact local officials to see what procedure is being put in place to address these issues.

What Are The Most Recent Results?

The majority of locations returned a fair rating, which 4 towns being classified as POOR! When looking through the list below make sure to see if this affects you directly. You may want call your local officials after reading this.

See List of The Previous Week Test Results Below:

    Poor Water Quality Areas:

  • Northport Harbor
  • Forge River
  • Central Moriches Bay
  • Western Flanders Bay
  • These were rated POOR due to algal bloom, low dissolved oxygen, water clarity

    Fair Water Quality Areas:

  • Cold Spring Harbor
  • Oyster Bay Harbor
  • Sag Harbor
  • Huntington Harbor
  • Three Mile Harbor
  • Peconic River
  • Great Peconic Bay
  • Western Shinnecock Bay
  • Mid-Shinnecock Bay
  • Hempstead Harbor
  • Hewlett Bay
  • Middle Bay
  • Central Great South Bay
  • Eastern Great South Bay
  • Eastern Moriches Bay
  • Quantuck Bay
  • Mount Sinai Harbor
  • Stony Brook Harbor
  • Port Jefferson Harbor

    Good Water Quality Areas:

  • South Oyster Bay
  • Fire Island Inlet
  • Western Great South Bay
  • Shinnecock Inlet
  • Mattituck Inlet
  • Little Peconic Bay
  • Great Peconic Bay

What Does This Mean For Long Island?

It is important to be informed about the quality of the local drinking water, as reports came out in the past indicating a lawsuit because of a possibly large amount of carcinogen 1 4 Dioxane in the water supply. This should be alarming news if you have never heard of this Long Island News story before reading this.

Depending on where you live, you may have different quality water than neighboring towns. Be sure to keep up with weekly water quality reports put out by professor Chris Gobler and his team to stay up to date about the quality of water in your area!


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Long Island News Post Published July 20th, 2020

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