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Long Island News Post Published on June, 11th 2020.

Thousands of Long Island Businesses that were forced to close their doors by law reopened yesterday, June 10th, 2020 with the start of Phase 2. After 3 months of non-essential Long Island Businesses being forced to shut down many have gone out of business completely or have been hit hard financially.

Here at Long Island Hub we want to see our community thrive from Nassau to Suffolk County. Small businesses are the backbone of our local economy. Our Long Island Towns need businesses run and owned by people within our neighborhoods.

Open For Business Long Island Hub

If you support economic growth for Long Island Local Businesses, then you must read this Long Island News Article. This article is not only for Business Owners to find value in. Because if you are loyal customers or client it is a must to share this priceless information with your favorite local business.


Long Island Business Owners must make it clear as possible that you are open back for business. Many local Long Island Businesses are posting signs on their businesses doors which is an amazing idea. In The Digital New World, we live in today there is an easier and faster way to tell your customers you are open for business.

    See the list below on where to announce your Open for Business:

  • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and all your other Social medias.
  • E-Mail Newsletter
  • Press Releases
  • Your Website *If you don’t have a website than you need to contact Imagi Digital because they specialize in Long Island Web Design.


Remember New York State was hit the HARDEST by the Novel Corona Virus 2019. Just today with over 81,479 confirmed cased of COVID-19 in Long Island alone. Many people are still scared about catching the contagious disease. See the confirmed cases with this link: Long Island Coronavirus by Town.

You must reassure your customers that you’re taking every precaution possible to guarantee their safety.

Here is a perfect example of what we mean by a Long Island Barbershop:

View this post on Instagram

#barber💈 #longisland #

A post shared by Oscar And Jack Barbershop (@ojs_exclusivecuts) on

In the Instagram video above you see how he perfectly communicates to his customers that he is open for business and all the things he did to make it safe to come back to his Long Island Barbershop. This is what every Long Island Business needs to be doing to get their customers back into their doors. As you can see this can be a selling point for your businesses great comeback with the reopening of Long Island!


You have seen essential businesses that were put under strict regulations adapt to safer ways of doing business. For example, Long Island Restaurants were implementing contact-less food preparation and delivery.

Gift Cards are big money makers for hair salons, barbershops, restaurants, and small businesses.

The only thing better than plastic gift cards POST-COVID is eGift Cards aka Electronic Gift Cards. Because eGift Cards are digital meaning, they are 100% contactless.

Plus, they are not only a safer way to sell gift cards, but they are much more profitable way. This is true now and also into the foreseeable future with the plastic bans going on in New York State.

Gift Card Suite is the #1 eGift Card Platform to sell custom gift cards for small business.

eGift Cards

What Now?

These are three easy and valuable tips to follow to adapt and reopen your Long Island Business. As you already know the people of Long Island are very excited with this new phase because it has been 3 months since they were allowed to be patrons to their local businesses within their neighborhoods.

People want to get back to their normal lives! If you were to go back in time to see how people are getting so overjoyed about getting haircuts, eating outside at a restaurant you would be confused.

Imagine, people being excited about going back to an office based job where they were previously doing the same or similar work from their home? You don’t need to imagine this because it is a reality we live in on this day, June 11, 2020.

Excitement and sorrow is shared from Nassau to Suffolk County today because customers and business owners alike have come to a daunting reality.

Remember that these businesses were deemed by the New York State government as non-essential. As a direct result this decision has caused many local Long Island businesses to have to close their doors for good.

Let’s Conclude With A Metaphor:

Like a flower that doesn’t get watered it will wilt away and inevitably die.

The flower is the business and the water being the business brought in by the customers.

This is a great metaphor to understand how many Long Businesses had to go under or in most cases deeply impacted financially setting them back more than three months. Support Economic Growth for Long Island Local Businesses by sharing this Long Island News Post!



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Long Island News Post Published June 11th, 2020

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