Iconic Long Island Restaurant Announces It’s Closure!

Iconic Long Island Restaurant Closes
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Long Island News Post Published on August 5th 2020, Written by Nick P.

Iconic Long Island Restaurant Closes

A local restaurant known as Hildenbrandt’s in Williston Park has announced that it will be closing on Monday. The hillside avenue restaurant is known for its soda fountain, comfort food, and ice cream. Many people from across the world have seen the restaurant featured in the most recent Martin Scorsese movie, "The Irishman."

Although COVID-19 has affected many restaurants in the area, this announcement by Hildebrandt's was quick to state that COVID was not the reason for their closing. Instead, the landlord has decided to sell the building and the new owners are looking to take the property in a different direction.

After announcing their closure, Hildenbrandt ’s released another statement saying that the property deal on the building had fallen through. Therefore, Hildenbrandt’s is still open for the time being but time is “limited” because the building remains on the market. The initial closing date of September 1st has been postponed.

The family owned shop of 46 years will be selling the contents of the store which include a wooden phone booth and Coca-Cola soda dispenser.

The full statement announcing the closure can be found below:

It's with great sadness and a heavy heart that we announce Hildebrandt's will no longer be in business within the next few months. Unrelated to COVID the landlords of the building have decided to sell it and the new owners will be creating something different. It's been 93 years of this amazing place and 46 years in our family. Although we don't want to part with it we are grateful for the memories and love built around this wonderful place. We have decided that we will be selling anything inside including our phone booth! Serious inquiries only please feel free to message us!

Many local residents have reacted to the announcement and are asking why the restaurant is not a protected local landmark.

"This makes me incredibly sad to see. We got chocolate bunnies and sugar eggs every year for Easter since we were babies. I never thought I'd see the day your doors would close. Thank you for all the memories and I wish you all the best," wrote Jennifer Marie.

Francine L. Morgenstern said: "This is a Long Island landmark and full of history and memories. No one wants a new anything there."

Many Long Island residents remain hopeful that the property will not be sold. As of now, the initial closing date of September 1st has been postponed. Therefore, there is still some time to pay a visit to Hildenbrandt’s as they remain open until a deal goes through. Be sure to check the restaurants' Facebook Page for more details.


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Long Island News Post Published August 5th, 2020

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Home > Long Island News > Iconic Long Island Restaurant Announces It’s Closure!

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