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First Acts Pull Out of Jones Beach Concert for 2020 season
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Long Island News Post Published on April, 24th 2020

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First Acts Pull Out of Jones Beach Concert for 2020 season

The 2020 Jones Beach Concert season is scheduled to kick off on June 6th with a Toby Keith performance. However, there is much uncertainty surrounding the status of the concert season.

At this time, the NYS Pause has been extended until May 15th.


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Many people are expecting the pause status to be continued at least until the end of May, if not longer. Even if the pause is not extended further, events such as the Jones Beach Airshow which was scheduled for May 23rd and 24th has already been called off.

Many people do not expect to be able to attend events that draw large crowds such as concerts, sporting events, and even the movies until next year. As crazy as this may sound, it seems like the government is going to do everything in its power to be able to control the possibility of future outbreaks. Limiting mass gatherings will certainly reduce that risk.

Because there has been no definitive decision made in regards to the concert season, it is up to the artists if they wish to cancel their performance at this time. Some artists have already begun pulling out of or rescheduling their performances.

Alice Cooper was one of the first bands to cancel their Jones Beach Concert Performance on their “Ol Black Eyes Is Back Tour” that was scheduled to take place in the 3rd week of June.

James Taylor and Jackson Browne have postponed their Jones Beach performance that was slated for early July. They are looking to reschedule a Jones Beach show on their “The Great American Standard Songbook Tour” when it is safe to do so.

Will there be a 2020 Jones Beach Concert Series at All?

As of now, it is still unclear what the future holds for this year's concert series. It seems as if it is inevitable that concerts will not take place until after the summer months. This is a shame as Jones Beach is one of the best concert venues in New York.

Jones Beach is a favorite venue for both artists and fans as it offers a unique location and layout as the stage is right next to the water.

It is expected that more artists will be withdrawing from their performances before the season is officially cancelled, if it will be.

What Artists Have at Jones Beach Concert This Year?

This year was scheduled to be a big year for Jones Beach Theater. Many returning acts are set to return to town as well as some new ones.ed that more artists will be withdrawing from their performances before the season is officially cancelled, if it will be.

Popular Shows Scheduled for 2020 include:

  • Backstreet Boys 7/10
  • Dave Matthews Band 7/21
  • Sam Hunt and Kip Moore 7/24
  • Journey and The Pretenders 7/30
  • Nickelback and Stone Temple Pilots 8/1

Jimmy Buffett Jones Beach 2020

Many people look forward to the yearly Jimmy Buffet Concert at Jones Beach, where the real event is the all day tailgate in the parking lot that begins at 10AM. For many people, this event is a yearly tradition.

Many alcoholics celebrate this day as if it is Christmas in Summertime as they prepare massive tailgate setups that include barbeques, bars, and more as they booze through the day and night. If Jimmy Buffet was to be cancelled, this would be the equivalent of cancelling some people's summer.

Fingers crossed, we will still be able to attend the Jimmy Buffett Tailgate and the rest of the scheduled performances at Jones Beach this year. Even if we get a partial portion of the season in, it will still be a huge win as people are itching to get out and have fun.

Until we get more definitive information, we recommend not purchasing tickets for any Jones Beach Concerts at this time, as there is a good chance the artist is considering rescheduling, or canceling their performance. The possibility of the entire season being cancelled is real as well.

Jones Beach Airshow Update

As we have reported, this year's Bethpage Airshow at Jones Beach has already been cancelled due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. Although it is unfortunate the show itself had to be cancelled, it is being reported that some of the most popular acts will be doing a flyover tribute to the frontline workers battling the Coronavirus.

The Blue Angels and Thunderbirds have announced that on Tuesday April 28th starting at 3pm, they will be flying from East River New Jersey, to the Statue of Liberty, and then over several Long Island Towns

Because it is not clear what the exact flight path is going to be, your best bet will be to keep your eyes (and most importantly ears) open on April 28th to catch these planes propelling forward.



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Long Island News Post Updated April 24th, 2020

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