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Long Island News Post Published on June, 3rd 2020, Written by Nick P.

When is Long Island Going into Phase 2?

NY Governor Cuomo is has yet to announce the exact date and time of when Long Island will enter phase 2. What we do know for sure is that Dentists on June 1st were allowed to open New York State wide with some regulations in place. Also it was announced recently by Cuomo that Statewide Summer Day Camps will be allowed to reopen. Reopening Long Island may come sooner or later depending on the amount of Coronavirus Cases.

Long Island Coronavirus Phase 2 Update

Cuomo said that mass protests are putting the progress in the battle of Coronavirus at risk, as large group gatherings may spark an outbreak of the virus.

Long Island continues to battle the Coronavirus as many protests take place over the killing of George Floyd. These protests have caused Governor Cuomo to be concerned about the spread of a possible Coronavirus outbreak due to large crowds. This concern comes after Cuomo reported the lowest number of cases and deaths that have not been seen since the month of March. A three day average of hospitalizations is the lowest it has been since the Pandemic began in March.

Suffolk County has stopped giving out the statistics surrounding the virus as they work to come up with a new system for doing so.

Nassau County case numbers are the lowest they have been in months. Be sure to visit our page for a list of Long Island Coronavirus Cases by Town.

New York state reported the lowest number of daily deaths that is has had since the pandemic began with 54. At the peak of the Pandemic, the daily death toll was around 800 in early April.

Governor Cuomo led the efforts of residents that adhered to stay at home orders and social distancing guidelines that have allowed us to see the decline in case numbers and deaths. "I am a lifelong New Yorker, but what they [New Yorkers] did was unlike anything I've seen." Cuomo said.

Cuomo continued to emphasize the significance of the situation the region has overcome when he continued: "Remember where we were. We had 800 people die in one day. We had the worst situation in the United States of America. At one point we had the worst situation on the globe. And we're now reopening in less than 50 days. Now, it was a long 50 days. I can recount every one of them. But, we went from a really internationally terrible situation to where we're talking about reopening today," he said.

The progress the state has made fighting the Coronavirus can be seen not only because the death numbers lowered but also because the state has been conducting more tests. In the beginning period of the crisis, the state was offering 3,000- 4,000 tests a day. That figure is now up to 50,000 tests per day. When paired with the lowest number of positive cases yet, this makes the progress even more astounding.

Protests Effect on Reopening

Many protests on Long Island have taken place in response to lockdown and now the death of George Floyd in recent weeks. Cuomo warned that these protests can cause another outbreak of Coronavirus in the area, which leaves residents curious about how this will affect the reopening process.

Western New York will begin Phase 2 on Tuesday, joining upstates regions. Phase 2 consists of professional services, retail, administrative support, and real estate or rental, and leasing. Long Island is expected to begin Phase 2 within a week if the progress we have seen can be maintained. New York City was expected to begin Phase 1 of the reopening on June 8th, however, that will be determined due to the ongoing riots in the area.

Nassau County Executive Laura Curran released a statement on a Zoom call regarding the protests we have seen in the area recently. “I see and hear the pain and the anguish that was let loose by George Floyd’s killing. Nassau County held peaceful protests on Saturday and Sunday. I will go to my grave protecting people’s First Amendment rights to express how they feel and whatever they feel the need to express. I’m hearing the anguish and hearing the despair,” Curran said.


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Long Island News Post Published June 3rd, 2020

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