Long Island Easter Celebrations Transformed By COVID-19

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Long Island News Post Published on April, 9th 2020

Long Island Easter Celebrations Transformed by COVID-19

Easter is one of the most festive holidays in the Christian religion. It is a day where Christians celebrate Jesus Christ’s resurrection from death. People typically celebrate this holiday by attending mass, painting eggs, going on Easter Egg Hunts, and eating chocolate with family. If you are lucky, the Easter Bunny May leave you an extra egg or two.

This year's Easter 2020 Celebration may be one that your family remembers forever, but not in the way you expected when we began this year back in January. As the year has progressed, so has the spread of the COVID-19 Coronavirus across the globe. This terrible disease has transformed life as we know it in the New York City and Long Island area, as we have been in a mandated quarantine for weeks now. Long Island Roads are usually jam packed in the days leading up the and the holiday itself, but state officials have said they do not expect to see many gathers this year because of the fear of spreading Coronavirus to family members.

How Is Your Easter Celebration Going to Be Affected By COVID-19?

New York State has extended its Social Distancing guidelines to April 29th, which means that they will be in effect during Easter Sunday which falls on the 12th of the month. For many, this means that they will not be able to spend the holiday with their families and loved ones.

Usually, people are complaining about the Holiday traffic when traveling to a family member's house on Easter. However this year, the roads will likely be clear as people are advised not to travel and many families have called their celebrations off. Come this time next year, everyone will happily be waiting in traffic on their way to go hunt for eggs and eat chocolate.

Can I Go To Church for Easter Sunday?

To contain the spread of COVID-19, many churches and religious institutions will be broadcasting their Easter Mass service instead of hosting the service in the physical location of the church. Visit the website of your local church to find out how to attend their Easter Mass broadcast.

Broadcasting the service will allow churches to follow the Social Distancing Guidelines put in place by local governments but still provide the service via a safe platform for those who wish to attend. Having a physical mass would be very problematic, as people who have all been interacting with different people and traveling to different places can attend. This means there is a high change to spread the Coronavirus to high risk people as well as those with underlying health conditions.

Although untraditional, this is a necessary measure to slow the spread of COVID-19 because of the large number of people who attend the service. If you have elders who are not technology savvy, take the time to help them get ready to view the Easter Mass service being broadcast by their church.

Easter Social Distancing Effect on Long Island Towns

The economic ripple effect of not being able to gather with family is going to be felt throughout our Long Island Towns and Communities. Since many people will not be able to host a large party, there will likely be a decrease in the amount of catering orders from local restaurants. Many Long Island Towns have had to cancel their annual Easter Egg Hunt activities as well.

Other Towns such as Cold Spring Harbor have resorted to creative measures such as non contact egg hunts. A local mother and daughter have created clues printed out on flyers and stuck in the front of small businesses leading to where an wooden and painted egg can be found! Although not as fun as a typical Easter Egg hunt, this is a great way to keep children entertained and happy during these trying times.

What Long Island Businesses Should Do

If you own a Long Island Business that usually relies on Easter catering orders and are being affected by this year's Socially Distant holiday, you may want to consider offering your customers your Coupon currently for free on Long Island Lists.com for the next time they come in. Since many people are eagerly waiting to return to their favorite Long Island Restaurants, there is no better time to offer a discount!

Long Island News Post Updated April 9th, 2020

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