Long Island Gyms To Reopen August 24th

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Long Island News Post Published on August 19th 2020, Written by Nick P.

Long Island Gyms Are Scheduled To Open On August 24th!

NY Governor Cuomo Announced That Gyms In The State Of New York Will Be Allowed To Open Beginning Next Monday, August 24th. This announcement is a relief to many that have not been able to keep up with their fitness routine due to the extended closure of gyms due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Long Island Gyms will have to operate with a 33% occupancy and gym goers will be required to wear masks while using the facility. Wearing masks while working out will likely be a problem for many, as it is already difficult for people to breathe while wearing masks without doing intense physical activity. Many people who were eager to return to the gym were quick to point out Cuomo's policies are inconsistent, citing that others are allowed to eat in a restaurant with no mask but working out without one will cause a problem.

Long Island Gyms To Reopen August 24th

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has announced the New York City Gyms will not reopen in the foreseeable future. Long Island gyms are still currently scheduled to open on August 24th!

Long Island Gyms only being able to occupy 33% of their overall capacity may become a financial problem, as many relied on the margins from being able to utilize the entire space of their facility.

Having to eliminate two thirds of their overall traffic, many gyms will likely struggle to remain in business after being closed for an extended amount of time. This will especially be a problem for small sized studio gyms that only have one location and not as many members as larger gym brands such as Xsport Fitness, for example.

Hopefully Long Island Gyms can maintain their operations throughout the reopening process until everything is back to normal and they can operate at full capacity. The occupancy rates will likely be increased as time goes on after the initial reopening and it is deemed safe to go to the gym.

This is some very exciting news for many people on Long Island and much needed boost morale! The light at the end of the tunnel is coming soon Long Island. Stick in their Long Island because will get there together!


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Long Island News Post Published August 19th, 2020

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