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How Will Long Island Bounce Back After The Coronavirus Period is Over?
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Long Island News Post Published on April, 10th 2020

How Will Long Island Bounce Back After The Coronavirus Period is Over?

One of the great things about living on Long Island is the first wave of warm spring days after the long and bitterly cold winter season. However, this year, the joys of spring have been replaced by a period of stress and anxiety for many because of the COVID-19 virus that has been running rampant in our area.

Throughout the battle with this virus, there is one thing that seems to remain constant throughout the communities of our Long Island Towns. That is the hope that there is a light at the end of the tunnel in the fight against this terrible disease that has put the world in turmoil in recent months. It seems as if everyone knows that these trying times will end, and life on Long Island will return to “normal” - if there was ever such a thing.

What is the “Coronavirus Period” on Long Island

The Coronavirus Period is the period of time we are currently in, where all nonessential businesses in New York State are closed and people are being mandated to participate in Social Distancing efforts. The Coronavirus period has caused much uncertainty in our local communities.

Much of this uncertainty is from not knowing just how long this will last, as New York State being put on “pause” has been extended until April 29th. However, many believe that this period is going to extend into May and maybe even June. After the period ends, it is still uncertain how long it will be until we can return to sporting events, concerts, and public places.

How is Long Island Being Impacted By The Coronavirus?

Currently, Long Island’s busy suburban neighborhoods have been eerily quiet. The busy roads of our island are even wide open during “rush hour”, which seems to be a thing of the past at this point. Due to the closure of all Long Island Schools and nonessential businesses the roads are quiet throughout the day.

How is Long Island's Economy Being Affected By The Coronavirus?

Long Island Small Business Owners are being hit hard by this pandemic as well. Almost every business has had to make an adjustment to its procedures whether it is to limit the number of people in the store or take extra precautions to ensure the safety of their workers. It is even more noticeable as the roads seem to be almost deserted at night after all essential employees are home from their job.

The People of Long Island Taking Action

Have you been seeing more rainbows lately when leaving the house for a walk or bike ride? Not in the sky, but in windows of homes and businesses throughout your community. As you may know, Long Islanders are not the type of people who back down during trying times. Members in our local communities are taking action to brighten others' day who are down in the dumps from being quarantined. You may have seen the Facebook group “Rainbows over Nassau and Suffolk Counties and Beyond” which aimed to create a neighborhood-wide rainbow hunt as a way to pass time and get outdoors in a safe manner. It allows kids and parents to spend time together and be creative, while also spreading positivity through artwork and displaying it to pass forward onto other

This idea was a hit among Long Island Towns. The Facebook page has exploded, now up to over 48,000 members, up 10,000 over the last 30 days. If you want to get involved, all you need is some crayons and a positive attitude!

The Light At The End of The Tunnel for Lond Island

As hard as it may be, sometimes you have to look for the positives when times are hard. After this period of social distancing is over, it is expected that the world will bounce back like never before. Long Island is no different, and local communities will be more vibrant than ever. Long Island Restaurants will be filled to the brim with customers eager to have their favorite meal that they have been waiting months for. Bars will be packed as people finally get to share a drink with their friends who they haven't been able to see for months.

Fortunately, after this period we will likely be right into the summer season. This means we will be able to have barbecues with friends and family. Our island's beaches will be more crowded than ever for beach days we will never take for granted. Local sports programs will see record attendance. Civilization will get going again and as a result, life will be back as we know it. One day this period of Social Distancing and Coronavirus will be in the history books. As we look to move forward, things on Long Island may never be back to normal, but they might be better!


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