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Long Island News Post Published on July, 6th 2020, writted by Nick P

Long Island Is Set To Begin Phase 4 of Reopening This Wednesday!

Phase 4 allows nonessential businesses to reopen in such as outdoor arts and entertainment. Aquariums can reopen as well with 33% capacity. Colleges are also permitted to reopen, however, they must make a plan for how they will go about reopening during the Pandemic.

In addition to non-essential businesses, low-risk sports can also take place again. Many parks have been opened for quite some time, however, they have been keeping select fields and courts closed. Hopefully, with the arrival of Phase 4, they will be able to reopen these facilities to give people another form of physical activity to do while gyms are mandated to remain closed.

As of now, masks must be worn and social distancing guidelines are still recommended to prevent another outbreak of the virus within the local community.

Malls, gyms, and movie theaters will remain closed until further notice as per Governor Cuomo's modification to the fourth Phase. Currently, people coming to New York from other states must quarantine themselves for 14 days upon the arrival.

When Will Malls, Gyms, & Movie Theaters Be Allowed To Reopen?

As per Cuomo's request, businesses that are allegedly described as being “high risk” will undergo a unique process for their reopening. These businesses will be assessed uniquely by health experts to determine when it is safe to reopen without spreading the virus in the area.

Local business owners who own these “high risk” businesses are furious at this decision, as they have been expecting to reopen during Phase 4 throughout the entire Pandemic and feel as if they had been deceived by local officials.

Long Island gym owners are suing in response to the decision that will keep them closed for an extended period of time. The decision to sue was fueled by the outrageous statement made by the Governor stating that gyms have a high risk of spreading the Coronavirus through the air conditioning systems in their facility. Gym owners were quick to respond stating that almost every business that has reopened has air conditioning within their facility, so why would theirs have an increased chance at the spread?

What's After Phase 4?

After Phase 4, the priority for Long Island will be to reduce the chances that a second wave of the virus will occur. This means that although almost every business will be able to be reopened, we must be proactive to avoid spikes in numbers similar to other states.

Thankfully, Long Island offers many outdoor activities to do during the summer months that are low risk. Many Long Islanders have taken to the beaches to relax as they await the reopening process to continue. In addition, local golf courses have been especially popular lately as it is one of the many activities that are unaffected by the virus.

Going forward, we must act responsibly to control the number of cases of the virus in order to not stress our medical systems and ensure that they have an adequate number of supplies.



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Long Island News Post Published July 6th, 2020

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