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Long Island Town Names Challenge Goes Viral
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Long Island News Post Published on April, 14th 2020

Long Island Town Names Challenge Goes Viral!

The Long Island Town challenge went viral on Tik Tok! The Long Island Town Names Challenge has rolled over onto other Social Media platforms such as Youtube and Instagram. This challenge is a sequence of pictures that hint at the name of several Long Island Towns for participants to guess which town the pictures are representing. The rapid growth of this challenge is due to the TikTok platform.

TikTok is a Social media platform that allows users to create videos over music to share with their followers. The videos are typically short in length and played on a loop, making the app very addicting to users. The ability to sort videos by the song they use makes TikTok a very powerful platform for content creators and musicians alike. There has never been a platform with the capabilities to launch an overnight sensation as fast as TikTok can, which is what has happened with the Long Island Town Challenge.

It is important to note that you do not need the TikTok app to participate in the Long Island Towns challenge. If you have any social network such as Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook you can participate by taking the challenge for yourself and sharing with friends and family.

This challenge is made for people who live on Long Island, as you must know Long Island Towns by heart to even have a chance at guessing some of the names. Of course, some of them are easy to identify for just about anyone, such as a picture of a bell with the word “port” written on the front to signify Bellport. Others, however, will prove seemingly impossible!

The Original Long Island Towns Challenge

The original Long Island Town Names challenge went viral on Youtube. This challenge focused on just pronouncing the names of given towns throughout Long Island rather than identifying them from a given picture. This challenge is geared towards people who aren't local long islanders, as they will be easily be able to pronounce names of towns they have heard many times.

People who live on Long Island are familiar with Town Names like Commack, Amityville, Kings Park, Levittown and Smithtown

The original challenge was usually taken in a room with friends and family who take turns trying to pronounce names of some of the more difficult to pronounce towns in Long Island. Many Long Island Town names are hard to pronounce because they have Native American roots and are difficult to pronounce for anyone, let alone if you have never heard their names before. Learn more about New York Indian Tribes Here.

If you are a local Long Islander looking for a challenge, the newer challenge involving pictures is better suited for you.

Have you Participated in the Long Island Town Challenge?

Since the challenge has gone viral, thousands of people have participated and shared across all Social Networks. Many Local Long Islanders have gone into the challenge confident, but have been surprisingly stumped by some of the harder town names. From the results shared, it seems like if you are not from Long Island you almost have no chance at this challenge! Most people that are not from Long Island have a hard time pronouncing towns such as Massapequa, let along guessing the name from a picture.

If you have taken this challenge for yourself, how did you do? Was it easier or harder than expected? When the Long Island Hub team took the challenge, we were surprised at just how difficult it was to guess the name of some towns that we read and write about all the time. We can honestly say that the challenge will stump even the most knowledgeable long islanders, and is almost impossible for people that do not live here.

How do I Join The Long Island Town Challenge?

The quickest way to take the challenge is to Visit our Instagram Post featuring the Long Island Town Challenge!

To participate, simply view the pictures hinting at the names of several Long Island Towns and record your guesses. If you get stuck while making your guesses, you can refer to our index of long island towns for assistance.

After you are done going through the pictures, you can challenge your friends and family to see who did the best. This is a great way to test yourself as well as become more knowledgeable about Long Island.

To your surprise, there are probably several towns throughout Long Island that you have never even heard of! Don't believe us? When was the last time you have been to Orient or Montauk?

What Do I Get Grom The Long Island Towns Challenge?

This challenge was made purely for fun and as a way to pass the time, which is much appreciated during this current period of Social Distancing we are in. If you are able to ace this challenge (which not many people can), you will get the satisfaction of sharing it with friends and family and watching them stumble while guessing names of Long Island Towns that they are quite familiar with and may even live in.

The most important thing you will gain from taking the Long Island Town challenge is the ability to sharpen your critical thinking skills while also expanding your knowledge of Long Island. For some, the best thing about this challenge will be pretending they don't know the answer to some of the pictures and watching family members struggle before revealing the obvious answer making for a “DUH” moment and a shared laugh.

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Long Island News Post Updated April 14th, 2020

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