New York

Montauk, NY 11954

About Montauk

Montauk is the east most town on Long Island, NY. It is best known for being a beach town and a summer travel destination. During the winter months Montauk transforms into a ghost town. Montauk’s local government enforces strict town codes to preserve it’s beautiful natural old-fashioned feel. You will be hard pressed to any big franchises in Montauk. When 711 the famous convenience store was built it ignited a local protested. You can even climb up the towers spiraling stairs to overlook the entire town. Camp Hero is another well-known destination because of its fascinating history and myths. It is a military base unknown whether active or not. The myth behind Camp Hero is that is a secret government facility similar to area 51 that investigates extraterrestrials. Montauk’s Light House is a popular hot spot to visit. Montauk is the furthest Long Island town from New York Cities bright lights. The distance from the light pollution makes Montauk the best town to star gaze at night.

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