The NFL Draft of 2020 Will Be Done At Home

NFL Set to Make Its Public Work From Home Debut With 2020 Draft
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Long Island News Post Published on April, 23rd 2020

The NFL Draft is set to kick off on Thursday, April 23rd, a time where prospects eagerly await to find out where their future in the game of football will be taking place. The draft will make some prospects' dreams come true and destroy the dreams of others.

Long Island Schools have several football programs that have produced NFL players. The Nassau Community College is an elite 2-year program that is known to send its players to top division 1 schools to finish their college careers in NCAA Division 1. Players who have gone on to play at Ohio State and West Virginia in the past have wound up making it to the NFL.

As with every NFL Draft, rumors have begun flowing early and often about the decisions local teams the Giants and Jets will make with their selections.

New York Giants 2020 Draft Strategy

The New York Giants have started the rebuild of their franchise last year with the controversial selection of quarterback Daniel Jones and are now looking to take the next step forward. The Giants are currently sitting at pick selection number 4 with many options on the table.

Popular names found in rumors have stated possible candidates for the Giants as OL Jedrick Wills from Alabama, LB Isaiah Simmons from Clemson, or Tristan Wirfs, from Iowa. Although any of these players will surely take the Giants in the right direction going forward, it seems like the Giants are attempting to trade down out of the 4th overall pick.

Because several teams are looking to move up in the draft to find their franchise quarterback, the opportunity to trade down maybe there. This is a good option as the Giants can accumulate more picks in the top rounds and still draft significant improvements to their offensive line.

If LB Isaiah Simmons from Clemson is off the board, expect to see the Giants actively looking to move down in their draft position.

New York Jets 2020 Trade Strategy

The New York Jets are in almost a similar situation as the Giants. They have a young quarterback and outstanding running back in Le'Veon Bell, who their head coach Adam Gase seems to have a personal gripe with.

They used their 3rd overall 2019 selection to draft DF Quinnen Williams, so it looks likely they are going to beef up their offensive line with the 11th pick in this year's draft. It is not as likely to see the Jets trade out of their draft position as the Giants.

NFL Draft analysts have the New York Jets selecting OT Mekhi Becton from Louisville, Edge Rusher A.J. Epenesa from Iowa, WR Jerry Jeudy from Alabama, or OT Jedrick Wills from Alabama. Like the Giants, all of these options will bring this team forward, it just depends on which option the coaching staff and management want to take. Although drafting another lineman never hurts, look for the Jets to pick up a receiver in the draft with the departure of Robbey Anderson to the Carolina Panthers.

Long Island Prospect In the 2020 NFL Draft

Long Island Schools are not known for sending players directly to the NFL Draft from the College level, but Long Island University's Jake Bofshever is looking to make it to the league in this year's draft.

Bofshever is from Parkland Florida and plays slot receiver for the Long Island University Pioneers. His priorities his preparation by film study, preparation, and strength and conditioning in that order.

In an interview done with NFLDraftDiamonds, Bofshever explains, “At the college level, everyone is physically gifted but the main separation is being able to slow the game down and knowing your opponent.”

It's good that this young receiver has his head in the right place, as his opinion applys tenfold at the NFL level, where everyone on the field is beyond a freak athlete and mental preparedness makes all the difference.

Bofshever definitely has the right idea, as he went on to state that the most important trait to succeed at the next level is to be “mentally tough”. He explains “because no matter what, adversity will come and not everything is going to go your way, especially in this game.”

He draws inspiration from watching his dad face adversity throughout his life and always answering the bell. Bofshever says he uses that to persevere in the challenges of everyday life and surely on the football field as well.


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Long Island News Post Updated April 23rd, 2020

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