Samantha Prahalis

Sammy Prahalis is a Famous Person from Long Island

Sammy Prahalis is an athletic living legend from Commack. Born January 23, 1990 and she attended both Commack High School and Commack Middle School. This famous Long Island Millennial is the best Basketball player to ever come out of Commack, NY. Here is her story!


Former Commack High School Basketball Player Sammy Prahalis is now known as one of the most Famous People From Long Island. As a Commack Basketball player, she was fierce, energetic and moved like lightning.

Back in the early to mid-2000’s Sammy left the Spectators in awe. Because of her spectacular display of athletic talent and warrior-like competitiveness that she executed on those Long Island Basketball Courts.

Sammy was a rising and everyone knew it from her passion and master skills for Basketball. Commack locals, Long Islanders, to anyone who knew Sammy or about her Basketball talent knew she was destined to be a star athlete. Of course, Prahalis would go on to over meet everyone’s already great expectations.


Sammy Prahalis was recruited to USA Women's U18 Basketball Team. Achieving success as per usual by winning the 2008 Gold Medal at the FIBA Americas Championship in Buenos Aires and Argentina.

Prahalis helped the group win each of the five games, scoring six point two baskets per game. She was additionally second in helps with seventeen. As a U19 Basketball Player Prahalis traveled worldwide from Bangkok, Thailand to Spain and South American Countries.

Sam Prahalis and her USA Women's U18 team went on to win, win and win! Plus having Sammy Prahalis on your team helps boosting the numbers on the scoreboard.

Women's College Basketball

Sammy Prahalis was at the top of the list for women's basketball recruiting. Every College and University from the East Coast to the West Coast wanted to have Sammy play on their team.

Ultimately, Ohio State University would be fortunate for successfully recruiting Sammy Prahalis on their college women's basketball team because of her famous reputation in Basketball.

Sam Prahalis would become an official Ohio State Womens Basketball player from the year 2008 to 2009. Although she is no longer on the team you can check out a game by reading their Ohio state women's basketball schedule.

If you are wondering why Sammy time was so brief for playing and Ohio State Women's Basketball may have had to do with her next move. What Sammy would do next is what truly make her a living legend and a famous person from Long Island like Theodore Roosevelt, Eddie Murphy, Theresa Caputo, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Bob Costa, Billy Joel and many more.

Remember Long Island’s population has over Seven million people on it. If we were a State, we would be ranked number thirteen amongst all of the other fifty already existing list of United States of America. This factor should not matter because you must consider how many people live between Nassau and Suffolk County, which as mentioned before the Long Island Population is soon to be reaching ten million.

WNBA Draft

Sammy Prahalis in the year 2012 in the very first round of the WNBA Picks she was recruited to the Phoenix Mercury WNBA Team. For aspiring professional female basketball players Sammy’s WNBA Draft Results were ideal.

Women's National Basketball Association

Sammy Prahalis had an extremely successful career while playing in the Women’s National Basketball Association or WNBA. Sam Prahalis was only the Phoenix Mercury Roster from 2012 to the year 2013. Trading WNBA Players from team to team often is a common practice for this Basketball Association that was exclusive to only female players. Although Sammy is no longer on the Arizona Basketball team you can still buy Phoenix Mercury Tickets. Phoenix Mercury Tickets.

The Now Professional Basketball Player Sammy Prahalis played for many different WNBA Teams. In 2013 Sam signed to the New York Liberty a one week contract to then join the Atlanta Dream in the year 2014. Her final Women’s National Basketball Association team she played for was the Los Angeles Sparks. Samantha Prahalis signed with the LA Sparks in the Summer of 2014.

In total the intense, enthusiastic and talented one of a kind Samantha Prahalis played with the Women’s National Basketball Association from the in-betweens the years of 2012 all the way to 2015. She was a true WNBA All Star player and is a role model for many girls who play Basketball. Especially the female athletes who live on Long Island or anywhere in New York.

Sammy has her strongest appeal in her hometown because she inspires all types of female athletes whether they play or Commack Basketball as a Commack Soccer.

After the WNBA Sam would go onto to continue to play professional basketball for all over the world. From Romania, Turkey to other Overseas countries she would eventually come back home to thrive right here on Long Island, NY!

Coach Samantha

Present day Sam is currently leading as a Head Coach at Ward Melville for girls basketball team. The team she coaches is called the Melville Patriots and they practice basketball inside the Melville Gym.

At one basketball game the High School’s Referee ejected her from the game because of her intensity! Read this recent direct quote from Coach Samantha Prahalis. “I think I am super passionate about it, and I think I come of mean sometimes. If I am hard on them, I gotta lighten up some days.”

Not everyone was built to handle such a powerful and intense personality like Sammy’s, and YES! We are talking about You, MR. REFEREE! How dare you boot a fellow Commack native. Especially one like Sam who was a good person throughout her life as everyone who knew her would tell you.

In Conclusion:

Never underestimate or misunderstand her love for the basketball because she is the type of person who strives for the greatness whether she is playing the game or coaching one.

At Long Island Hub we support all the efforts of Samantha Prahalis and only wish her continued success. Please share this article if you support our local heroine as well!

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