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Long Island News Post Published on May, 27th 2020, Written by Nick P.

SpaceX and NASA To Launch Falcon 9 Rocket!

On Wednesday, May 27th, SpaceX is set to shoot a rocket into space carrying 2 NASA astronauts where they will board the international space station. Astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley were praised by SpaceX founder Elon Musk for their “nerves of steel” ahead of the launch.

SpaceX founder Elon Musk and NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine are anxiously awaiting the launch, which has been a decade in the making.

SpaceX and NASA Launch Rocket3

To watch the Rocket launch, tune into Science Channel TODAY at 2 PM!

In an interview with CBS News, Musk stated "I'm the chief engineer, so I'd just like to say if it goes right, it's a credit to the SpaceX/NASA team. If it goes wrong, it's my fault."

So far, SpaceX has had 19 successful launches of cargo to the international space station. When further questioned about the tension of the launch, founder Elon Musk said "Thousands of things that can go wrong and only one thing that can go right." Musk says he must force himself to block out many factors that can go wrong, as the launch would then be “emotionally impossible to deal with.

As pressure mounts on the shoulders of Musk, he is doing everything he can to improve the chances of success of the launch. However, much like the rest of the world, he cannot do much but sit and wait for the launch.

The SpaceX Falcon 9 is a reusable rocket that aims to massively reduce the monumental costs associated with the launching process. The Falcon 9 rocket is going to be launched from the 39A launch pad, the same one that sent Apollo 11 to the moon.

When is the Space Rocket Launch Going to Happen?

The launch is currently scheduled for 4:33 PM from the Kennedy Space Center but will depend on weather conditions. If today's event has to be canceled due to the weather or another unforeseen circumstance, there are backup opportunities scheduled for May 30 and May 31. Hopefully the launch today goes as planned and the operations are safely and successfully carried out.

To watch the launch, tune into Science Channel TODAY at 2 PM.


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Long Island News Post Published May 27th, 2020

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