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Mothers Day 2020 Falls Victim to COVID-19
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Long Island News Post Published on April, 28th 2020 | Written by Nick P.

What To Do On Mothers Day This Year?

In case you did not know Mothers Day 2020 is coming up in 12 days. To be exact Mothers Day will be celebrated on Sunday, May 10 2020. Like any event that has taken place in recent months, Mothers Day Celebrations this year will have to be adjusted due to COVID-19 devastating Long Island. This begs the question that you find answered in this Long Island News article, what to do on Mothers Day this year?


Many people enjoy taking their mothers out to a Long Island Restaurant on Mothers Day.A very popular tradition for this holiday on Long Island has been the Mothers Day Brunch. Because a lot of families on Long Island want to give their beloved Mothers a break from routine cooking and cleaning, or simply spending the day with them.

Because NY Govenor Cuomo has put most of New York State on pause until May 15th, all Long Island Restaurants will be closed for the holiday this year. Long Islander's will not be able to go out and sit down for a meal with their families which will break a yearly tradition for many Long Island families of taking Mom out for her favorite meal. However, this is a great opportunity to start a new yearly tradition for mother day!

Mothers Day Gifts

Best Mothers Day 2020 Gifts


The best gift you can your mom on Mothers day for this year would be an eGift Card. Purchase one instantly for your Mother right now on Buy eGift Cards.

Although non essential businesses will be closed on Mother's Day, you can still buy mom a great gift if you plan ahead and order online. This may be the year to really surprise mom with more than the usual gift of a nice set of flowers, due to the period depression many people currently find themselves in.

Of course, the best gifts for your mother depends on her age and her hobbies. Local Long Island Businesses have created a whole sections on their online stores dedicated to Mothers Day Baskets that are highly customizable. This includes things from personalized cutting boards, long island watches, customized jewelry, and more.

The perfect last minute mothers day gift is an eGift Card!


A great gift for some Moms may be a subscription to a grocery delivering service. The popularity of these services has seen a boost due to the Coronavirus pandemic where many people do not want to leave their house. Services such as Instacart and Peapod may make a great gift for Moms who do not miss making the routine trips to the grocery store.

Many Moms will tell you the best gift you can give them is simply your time. Many of us tend to get caught up in the day to day activities of life that we forget to take a step back and slow down and focus on what is important. If you are lucky enough to have your Mom around for the holiday, find a safe way to spend some time with her and the rest of the family.

Don't Forget About Grandma!

Because of the Social Distancing Guidelines put in place, many of our elders have been feeling especially lonely in recent months.

Again if you're a local or small business owner on Long Island then offering your customers a Mothers Day Gift Card to purchase is an amazing idea.

A great way to make Grandma's day on this mothers day would be to pay her a surprise visit or send her a surprise gift.

Safe Things to Do On Long Island for Mother's Day 2020

You may be asking yourself what you can do with your mother that will keep the both of you safe this mother's day. If your family is itching to get outside, a walk on any of the Long Island Beaches is a great option. Getting some fresh air and exercise while spending quality time with your family seems like an ideal scenario. This is a safe activity as it is easy to keep distance from other people when in a large open area such as a beach.

Although Long Island restaurants are closed for in person dining, many are offering takeout specials for Mother's Day. This is a great way to “check all the boxes” of this year's mother day. By ordering takeout from your favorite restaurant you are supporting local Long Island Business, Giving Mom a break from cooking and cleaning, and enjoying great food with your family for a great price! Remember small business owners have mothers that they would like to get a gift for too!

Will Cemeteries Be Open On Mothers Day?

Yes, cemeteries will be open on Mothers Day as they have been declared an essential service.

If you are looking to buy flowers to bring to the cemetery and your local florist is closed, consider placing an online order in advance. Another option would be to make a stop at your local grocery store.


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Long Island News Post Published April 28th, 2020 | Written by Nick P.

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