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Do you want to instantly discover how to bring in more customers to your Long Island Restaurant? Proven by research tested in 2020, that if you promote restaurant listing sites, you will have a 91% increase in customers and orders. This new list of offers exclusive and secret information only available you Long Island Hub loyal members like you. You may find other similar listings like, but they will not help nearly as much like the one you are reading right now! Because this was cooked up special for ONLY Long Island Restaurants.

Best Places Need To List Your Long Island Restaurant Online

We are the official website to represent Long Island, NY, with genuine care backed by our ironclad supporters. Long Island Hub has unconditional love for the people of Long Island plus the local restaurants success!

Because this list is #1 free and abundant with surprising insights we sort this file-based blog post in alphabetical order. This way, the lifetime value with being protected before everyone else hears about this.

1. Bing Places for Business

Bing is hands down the second most used search engine next to Google. Something you should be aware of with Bing is the critical differences from Google. 63% of Bing users are Baby Boomers, and this will be important based on the type of cuisine and promotion you put online. The reason why your parent’s generation most uses Bing is that when they first set up, their PC guess what search engine was installed as a default?

You guessed it!! Plus, this search engine is cutting edge as it is accessible on their PC, Apple Computer, tablet, or telephone. Ensure your clients locate the correct data by asserting your posting.

Having so many eyeballs, whether they be baby boomers of millennials, you cannot ignore the volume of people searching for incredible spots to eat.

2. Bizcommunity

Like we said this list would have websites others will not because they do not have the expertise we do, or B want to keep valuable secret information away from you. Otherwise, you would have never heard of

We do not believe in keeping information secret as we promise to provide our loyal members the most transparent and complete tips, techniques, and valuable date as possible!

Bizcommunity is a great website to list your restaurant on because #1 it is free although they do have premium options. #2 it will dramatically increase your online presence. This will give you an edge over your nearby competitors.

3. Citysearch

Citysearch is a system including bars, eatery, and bistros. It is an extraordinary spot for individuals to investigate new eateries while discovering proposals from others.

Citysearch is an astounding framework for bistros bars. It ispermitted to get a presenting and straightforward on reviving your profile once you are recorded in their question things. Citysearch moreover offers city guides for the most standard urban territories in the United States of America.

4. Craigslist

Craigslist has many reputations, some good some bad. The strategy we’re proposing safe and secure and will bring in more Long Island customers to your restaurant.

Go onto the Craigslist as it will have a listing page particular for Long Island, NY. Then you can post an advertisement for as much as 25 dollars. But if you are clever enough, you will find a way to list your restaurant promotion for free!

5. Facebook

Facebook is one of the top 5 places you need to list your restaurant online. As we said in the 2nd list item above, you are going to receive secret treasures along the way. We hide them throughout this blog post to verify you read this entire post because we are 100% confident in the success it will bring to your restaurant on Long Island.

Facebook is ranked 4th of our secret top 5 list because it is one of the most visited websites not just on Long Island but worldwide! Having a Facebook for your restaurant is vital because people are always on their accounts! When they are at work and lunch rolls around, and they happen to be on Facebook and see a post that by you that makes their mouths water to weekends when friends & families are setting up an event.

6. Gift Card Suite

Gift Card Suite is a website that allows Restaurants to sell their gift cards online instantly. This is an eGift Card Platform and less a local listing but this a listing in disquise with the bonus of making more money. If you sell restaurant gift cards for your Long Island Restaurant then sign up Premium on Gift Card Suite.

7. Google My Business

Google is the #1 search engine on Long Island, NY. That is a given, so it ismerely a no brainer to list your website on Google. You may ask yourself how do I list my business on Google? You can do this with their program Google My Business.

Because you have seen it done before when you search from something and see a businesses profile in the top right corner of the search results. It is so easy to get your restaurant listing on Google; all you need is access to the internet and a real restaurant location. For more information on how to set up your Google My Business page read here!

By the way, this the second most important place to list your restaurant online. Very close to the #1 place to list it though.

8. Instagram

Instagram has surpassed the amount of viewership than Facebook a right amount of years now. Good thing for Facebooks founder, Mark Zuckerberg who shelled out $1 Billion to buy Instagram in April 2012!

Do you want to know why Instagram surpassed Facebook in viewership? Simple, over the past decade, mobile internet use has vastly taken over standard desktop internet usage.

Right now, the month and year is July 2019, and over 90% of internet users are browsing the web with their iPhone, Android, or Smart Phone. Instagram was built from the start for mobile use exclusively, so with the changing times, this image-based social network is now the king of the hill.

Now the math should be obvious. With over 90% of internet users on their phones and Instagram is the #1 social network specifically designed for the mobile phone, the answer is a no brainer!

Cough! This listing will receive the silver medal if you know what I mean.

9. Local

Local is the place individuals go for focused and pertinent local indexed lists from local organizations. Postings in corporate audits, site joins, bearings, maps, and fantastic offers. furnishes clients with focused, essential local list items that incorporate uncommon ideas from local organizations, client audits, site joins, maps, driving bearings, and that is only the tip of the iceberg. The organizations Keyword DNA and protected local web ordering advances control the webpage.

10. Long Island Hub

We understand correctly if you think we are just trying to promote our website by putting it on the list. It would make sense because we as the owners of the site, why should not we benefit from this list?

The facts of the matter are the above questions can be a genuine opinion.

What is authentic fact is that if you own a Long Island Restaurant, then listing your restaurant on Long Island Hub is the #1 best place to list your restaurant online.

One thing that is every time 100% guaranteed numbers because numbers never lie. The results are statistically proven to work successfully, time & time again.

You can ask one of our clients, Joe from Avocados in Bayport, NY, how is SEO is doing with the help of Daniel Rojas(me the owner of Imagi Digital and Long Island Hub).

How many times in an advertisment do you hear this phrase... What are you waiting for?

Too many times is the answer and I do not know why they still include it. So, if you want to benefit your business, take your time to decide on signing up. Contact Long Island Hub Today!

11. Mapquest

MapQuest is a web mapping administration to help bring nearby clients appropriate to your eatery or bar. Trusted by more than 27 million drivers, this posting is incredible for organizations that are attempting to get clients off their love seat and in the entryway. Keep in mind, and individuals cannot feast if they are unable to discover you.

MapQuest is a web-based mapping administration. Individuals will not eat at your eatery if they are unable to learn about you. So, being recorded on one of the most prominent mapping administrations on the planet is significant.

12. Pinterest

Pinterest is the second most used image search engine next to Google. It also makes up 80% of all female online social media transactions.

Posting a picture of your delicious meal at the right time could lead to someone hungry from Long Island, NY, ordering from your restaurant.

13. ResellerRatings

This is another gem suggestion you will only find on Long Island Hub. Typically, this would never be listed for one reason. The blogger isnt intelligent or wise enough to know so.

Online reviews are second to none of one of the most important factors when it comes to the success of your restaurant.

Easily set up an account on Reseller Ratings because this website seems to rank high for review related searches.

14. ShopperApproved

This might be an expensive website on our list. Shopper Approved has a unique business model. When a customer orders online from your Long Island Restaurants website Shopper Approved will e-mail to give you a review. In most cases, Shopper Approved has many tools and strategies that will produce a consistent stream of positive reviews.

This is brilliant for two big reasons. #1 this will improve your restaurants brand because it will produce a lot of positive reviews. #2 Shopper Approved is another website that ranks well for review related searches. Signing up Shopper Approved may cost money but will have more control then other restaurant review sites.

15. SiteJabber

This is the final review site on this list.

You may be asking how is this relevant? Because I thought I was listing my sites on local listings?

Review sites are virtually local listings in a different outfit. As long as it has your restaurants name and address tied to it, by definition, it is an online listing.

Plus, as we stated before and let me reinforce this because it is imperative. Online reviews can either make or break your business. You know that before you go to purchase something often you Google reviews of the product, business, restaurant, or brand if the reviews are good then your more inclined to buy.

The reason why I mention Site Jabber along with the other review sites mentioned above is for the same reason as I stated at the end of each of their list item.

I am not going to rewrite it; you should know or double-check! Reinforcement of information will help you remember better, aka, as a result, we do this so you will be more successful after reading this post.

16. Superpages

Superpages is a top online asset for individuals searching for data about cafes and restaurants in their general vicinity. Consistently, Superpages helps a great many purchasers discover significant cafe data, from driving headings and long periods of activity to Web connections and client surveys. Ensure they can discover all that they requirement for your cafe.

17. TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is the place individuals find new cafes, read eatery surveys and conclusions, and think about costs.

Probably the most significant draw of movement is the cooking, and voyagers wherever use TripAdvisor. Over 60 million individuals, every month, visit the site to research travel openings, activities, spots to remain and, honestly, places to eat. When you have made your business account, you will get warnings when you get new surveys.

18. Twitter

Twitter is a must, although you may be asking yourself, wait a social media platform and not a local listing are not the same?

Again, as we mentioned before if you can list your restaurants brand name and business address, it is pretty much the same as a local listing.

Plus, having a Twitter account is a great way to stay relevant and keep in constant contact with your loyal customers.

19. Yahoo Local Listings

With news, surveys, appraisals, driving bearings and intuitive maps, the multi-faceted Yahoo! helps more than 150 million individuals with discovering nearby cafes and diners. Use Yahoo! to illuminate and publicize to potential supporters on various levels.

Yahoo gives news, surveys, appraisals, headings and considerably more in their nearby eatery postings.

20. Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages is the place individuals find new cafes, which eateries are drifting and discover coupons and arrangements.

Yellow Pages is the online variant of an advanced telephone directory. Besides posting your eatery in a sorted out registry, Yellow Pages additionally offers to promote, lead-age administrations and online installment choices for a balanced encounter.

21. Yelp

Yelp is one of the go-to places on the web for purchasers to locate a quality Restaurant. Make sure you have a Yelp for Long Island restaurants you own!

On the off chance that you are hoping to take advantage of the free promoting world, at that point Yelp is the ideal spot to begin. Discover what individuals are stating about your eatery today.

22. Youtube

YouTube is the last item on our list and lets me remind you that this list was sorted in alphabetical order. Although like before you may be asking yourself again, how is this a listing website?

Here is a secret gem you will only find here. Your ultimate goal isnt to have local listings but to gain the benefits that result from having them.

You wouldnt list your website unless you knew it was going to help improve your online presence. Want to know the 2nd biggest search engine website next to Google? Not its not Bing, its YouTube. Technically, YouTube is a search engine for videos.

Now ask yourself who owns YouTube?

If you dont know its Google.

So, by creating a few videos about your Long Island Restaurant, there is a good chance it will rank over website links. Make sure to include your restaurants name, phone number, website, eGift Card Shop, and Business Address in the YouTube about section.

In Conclusion

When it comes to restaurant listing sites or restaurants directories, they are vital to boosting your online presence. We covered everything from Bing Places for Business, Bizcommunity, Citysearch, Craigslist, Facebook, Google My Business, Instagram, Local, Long Island Hub, MapQuest, Pinterest, ResellerRatings, Shopper Approved, Sitejabber, Super Pages, TripAdvisor, Twitter, Yahoo! Local Listings, Yellow Pages, Yelp Long Island to even YouTube!

With this high-value information, you should have no problem with finding places to list your restaurant online.

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