Long Island's Pet Watch

Our 24 Hour Pet Watch has 1 Simple Mission.
Find Lost Pets and Return them to their worrying Pet Owners.
What Does Our 24 hour Pet Watch Do Exactly? We actively seek to investigate and search for missing Pet's on Long Island, NY. Are you depressed because your dog ran away? Do you need help get your pet back? If you have missing dogs or lost cats we take great pride in helping lost pets find their way back home. Long Island Pet Watch is a 100% non-profit agency.
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We are the #1 petwatch on Long Island, NY. We want you to turn your lost dog poster into a found dog poster. Long Island Pet Watch specializes in helping owners find their missing pets on Long Island, NY.

Our Pet Watch specializes in finding lost Dogs and Cats.

Anyone on Long Island, NY is welcome to join our 24 Hour Pet Watch by joining up on here on this Meet Up link.

With technology today we are taking the lost pet flyers from the street poles to the internet local to Long Islander's. We post Lost Pet Flyers online indivually to be shared via social media and other ways. Our online search approach raises larger awareness to help the suffering Pet Owners find their lost cat or dogs.

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