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Long Island News Post Published on June, 25th 2020, writted by Nick P


Long Island finally began Phase 3 of the reopening process on Wednesday, which allows retail stores and restaurants to reopen at 50% maximum capacity. This is a big step for the New York State as it allows for people to get out of their house for a bit to enjoy some shopping or a meal with family or friends.

Phase 3 also allows many Long Islanders to get back to work. As local unemployment rates have skyrocketed since the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic, it is critical that businesses are able to reopen as soon as possible. Many businesses that have recently reopened are experiencing a surge in business, as most people are eager to get out of the house after being trapped in recent months.

Almost everyone was ready to go back to work as Phase 4 was set to begin in a few weeks before Cuomo has recently announced that some businesses will not be able to reopen as expected. This announcement comes as an attempt to minimize the reported spike in cases that other states have reported select high risk businesses. Confirmed COVID-19 on Long Island Towns are currently at an all time low since the beginning of the Corona Virus Pandemic.

NY Governor Cuomo Adjusts Phase 4 As Long Island Continues To Reopen

NY Governor Cuomo

Changes to Long Island New York's Phase 4

NY Governor Cuomo has made changes to the fourth Phase of reopening for the state of New York-based on the progress so far. New Yorkers who were anxiously waiting to return to the gym now have to wait longer, as Governor Cuomo announced that they will not be opening with the start of Phase 4. The governor says the type of business is too “high-risk” to currently reopen on the scheduled date of July 8th.

He states that Phase 4 businesses will now be categorized as subgroups with some opening sooner than others depending on the amount of risk involved. The subgroups have not been specified yet, but Cuomo said that shopping malls, gyms, and movie theaters won't be allowed to reopen just yet.

The fact that movie theaters cannot space out the seating to reopen with a low-risk environment seems to sum up how much sense the Coronavirus policies make. The forced closure of movie theaters was a massive blow in the ongoing battle the industry was facing against Netflix to stay alive Colleges and universities, media production, and low-risk arts and entertainment, will be allowed to reopen with the start of Phase 4. This also includes outdoor venues like zoos and indoor facilities like museums to reopen with social distancing restrictions.

In addition, religious gatherings will be permitted at 33% capacity instead of the previous 25% limit.

When Will These Businesses Be Able To Reopen?

NY Governor Cuomo has left the fate of these high-risk businesses in the hands of local health officials. It is expected the progress of these high-risk businesses in other states will be monitored before a determination is made. This is not what local business owners want to hear, as they still have to deal with the ongoing expenses without generating revenue.

New York State Mall owners are angry at the delay in opening.

Long Island Business owners feel as if their voices are not being heard, as they face bills piling up and nothing they can do about it. Many economists are concerned as well about the impact this will have on the Local Long Island Economy, which is made up of 80% small business.



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Long Island News Post Published June 25th, 2020

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