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Long Island News Post Published on June, 2nd 2020, Written by Nick P.

Setauket Patriots Open Up NY Rally Update

As we previously covered, the Setauket Patriots hosted a rally over the weekend displaying their dissatisfaction with the quarantine that is still in effect in New York. The Setauket Patriots latest Open NY Rally took place on Saturday, May 30th in East Setauket and located at The Kohl's Shopping Center RT. 347 & Arrowhead Lane, East Setauket.

Long Island Protests Continue

The rally was held in Setauket and had a turnout of about 300 protestors who peacefully voiced their opinion about the current state of the shutdown in New York.

The group posted a message on their Setauket Patriots Facebook page about the rally:

“Thank you to all who attended our Open up NY Rally today. It was a Great, Peaceful event. We got our message out to Governor Cuomo that all Businesses are essential and we need to open up NY. Thank you to the Suffolk County Police for keeping us safe who said we had 300 in attendance, 6 counter-protesters showed up, and were kept far away by police. It was a huge success.” - Setauket Patriots

If you would like to attend the groups next rally, be sure to check the group's Facebook page for updates on where and when it will be held.

This group does a great job at displaying and voicing their opinion while maintaining a peaceful protest.

Protests Are Expected To Continue Across Long Island!


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Long Island News Post Published June 2nd, 2020

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