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Map of Oyster Bay

Town of Oyster Bay

The Town of Oyster Bay encompasses 169 square miles, a population of 293,214 residents, and 36 villages & hamlets. Nestled in Nassau County, this town is filled with beaches, parks, golf courses, animal shelters, and career options. Town of Oyster Bay is also home to several notable/famous people and sites.

Town of Oyster Bay Jobs:

This township includes various jobs ranging from human resources, public safety, planning & development, parks, highway, environmental services, and much more.

Human Resources:

This department is broken up into three divisions that manage welfare, employee needs, and town employee benefits.

Public Safety:

Sanitation, recycling collection, and disposal are housed in this department.

Planning & Development:

Concerned with land use and assisting with Town Board meetings and procedures.


This pivotal role maintains all parks located within the Town of Oyster Bay and watches over all recreational activities


Maintenance and repair of all major highways within township lines are included in this category. When winter comes, highway workers are responsible for snow, ice, and flood control.

Environmental Services:

This department makes sure preservation and conservation of our natural resources/energy benefit Town of Oyster Bay residents.

Town of Oyster Bay Golf Course:

Located within 121 acres, the Town of Oyster Bay Golf Course includes 18-holes, par 70, and championship features ranging from narrow fairways, water holes, and grass bunkers. The Mansion of Oyster Bay catering facility is also housed on the golf course grounds. Golfers can enjoy a relaxing afternoon at the “Halfway House” with various amenities. The Mansion of Oyster Bay is known for hosting special events like bridal and baby showers. Lastly, the Lucas Golf Center offers golf instruction for all levels, private lessons, group lessons and practice time. The Pro Shop is also open all season for all golfing needs.

Town of Oyster Bay Beaches:

This township is home to several private beaches for Nassau County residents. Check out the list below:

A popular destination, TOBAY Beach is the Town of Oyster Bay’s largest beach! It includes several restaurants and activities for young children. It is important to note, a daily Town of Oyster Bay parking permit for this location is $20, and a seasonal sticker is $60, and the car must be registered within the town of oyster bay lines.

Famous People from Oyster Bay

Within these town lines, quite a few notable people were born! Check out some names below:

Town of Oyster Bay Animal Shelter:

The Animal Shelter offers an adopt-a-pet program and an online listing of all available dogs and cats ready to be adopted! They provide a nurturing and healthy environment for all animals with a large outdoor area for exercise and muscle tone. Cats are placed in a soundproofed area to create a stress-free environment with 24 cages and a built-in skylight. All dogs brought into the kennel area must receive a “5 in 1” vaccination and rabies inoculations. All strays or lost and found animals should be reported to this animal shelter and will become available for adoption on the town website.

The Town of Oyster Bay Animal Shelter hosts a few special events and programs:

The Township of Oyster Bay is also home to various historical sites and resident favorites. Here are some of our most popular below:

Overall, you can expect to visit the Town of Oyster Bay and find lots of history, parks, beaches, and outdoor activities! Known for being a quiet, residential area, this township offers beauty and tranquility throughout its towns. If you are planning a trip to this area of Long Island, make it a summer vacation!

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