Top 10 List of The Best Bayport Restaurants

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List of the Top 10 Best Bayport Restaurants

Long Island New York Restaurants has sorted a list of the most popular Bayport Restaurants to even restaurants near Bayport NY. If you are looking for fine dining on the Island then read our list of Long Island’s most voted Bayport NY Restaurants.

#1 Avocado’s Mexican American Grill

You can find the best Mexican restaurant on Long Island at Montauk Highway in Bayport, NY 11705. If you’re searching for on lunch break at work, Mexican Restaurant Long Island, then this Avocado Restaurant will pop up! This is the best Bayport Restaurant if you enjoy fine Mexican cuisine.

What you can expect form Avocado’s Bayport is authentic tacos, yes I said real Mexican tacos. There is no need to continue to visit different taco shops because Avocado’s Bayport is simply the best on Long Island, NY!

Read Avocados of Bayport’s Menu instantly by clicking here!

#2 Le Soir Restaurant

The Le Soir Restaurant is famous for their delicious French fine dining and well known for the delectable Filet Mignon Rossini their Bayport Restaurant ranks #2 on our list! If you are near by it is a must to visit Le Soir, at their restaurant’s 825 Montauk Hwy, Bayport, NY 11705. Plug that into your GPS and follow the directions so you can visit Le Soir!

If you’re looking for some of the best dining in Long Island then it’s a must to visit Le Soir Bayport.

Read the Le Soir Menu right now!

#3 The Fish Store

The Fish Store Bayport is family owned restaurant in Bayport, NY. At the Fish Store they are fish experts because they serve the best seafood from lobsters, flounder to shellfish. Enjoy the Bayport Fish Store as it has been voted on Long Island Hub as the #1 local fish store.

History of The Fish Store:

Beginning in 1978, situated in the focal point of Bayport at the intersection of Montauk Highway and Bayport Avenue. The Fish Store delivers fresh out the water fish, live lobsters and meals to go. Through dedication, experience and expertise The Fish Store has set up an amazing Long Island Restaurant that patrons of Bayport have become forever loyal!

Looking for a discount well then see their restaurant store coupons.

#4 Stella Trattoria

This is one of the best Long Island Italian Restaurants, but it is technically located in Blue Point, NY which is right next to Bayport and so close many of the locals would agree this restaurant has the right to be on this list!

Visit Stella's Italian Restaurant if you are in Bayport or Blue Point, NY at 7 Montauk Hwy, Blue Point, NY 11715.

Before you visit make sure to book a reservation and to read the Trattoria Stella Menu right here!

#5 Satelite Pizza

This is a list on Long Island Restaurants so it would be a sin to not include a pizzeria. As many people from Long Island, NY and even in NYC know outside of our area the pizza is inedible. Long Island is known for baking the best pizza in the United States.

Satelite Pizza is the best pizza shop in Bayport, NY and you can find them at 799 Montauk Hwy, Bayport, NY 11705. Satelite Pizza Bayport doesn’t need us to tell you the best pizza Bayport because with almost 300 reviews and they have a 4.5 out of 5 stars on Google Review see here!

#6 Salsa Salsa Bayport

This customer friendly Mexican cuisine and Burrito Bar that has a set amount of seating available as it is located within popular Bayport shopping center, so they also offer easy order and takeout options.

Salsa Salsa Bayport NY is the second most popular Mexican restaurant in the neighborhood underneath Avocados Mexican American Grill.

If you are not located in the Bayport, NY area they also have 2 more restaurants in Smithtown and Port Jefferson.

Take a look at the Salsa Salsa Bayport Menu here!

#7 Mizu Ken Sushi

If you’re craving something a cuisine inspired in the eastern hemisphere you don’t have to travel from the Salsa Salsa Bayport Restaurant as they are in the same shopping center!

When it comes to Bayport Sushi then Mizu Ken Sushi the Long Island Sushi Restaurant is your best option for sushi in Bayport, NY. To be exact their sushi spot’s address is 883 Montauk Hwy, Bayport, NY 11705.

If you look you at a Mizu Bayport menu you will find no shortage of sushi roll options. Mizu Ken Sushi’s bestselling sushi roll is called Harumaki, which is a deep fried spring roll with special sauce.

Some of the Sushi Rolls on their Main Menu you can find here is the shrimp Cucumber Roll, Tiffany Roll, Hollywood Roll, Mizu Philadelphia Roll, Green Dragon Sushi Roll, Mango Tango Sushi Roll and the Lobster Tempura Roll.

Furcis Pizza

As mentioned before there is close to 200 Long Island Towns but one similarity is that most of them have a Pizzeria. Many say the reason why Long Island Pizza is the best because of our water.

You can find Furcis Pizza at this address, 271 Snedecor Ave, Bayport, NY 11705.

Tony's Pizzeria

Pizza on Long Island, NY is just to abundant down to even the number of pizzerias in one town like Bayport!

Tony's Pizzeria has a near perfect Google Review of 4.9 stars out 5. See all of Tony’s Pizzerias of Bayport reviews her.

Take it mind they have over 77 reviews and it almost complete 5 star Long Island Pizza Shop. You can grab a pizza slice at Tony’s Pizzeria by following this address, 606 Montauk Hwy or giving them a ring at (631) 472-5959.

MoMo's Sports Bar & Grill

Let’s finish this top 10 list with a night cap aka a bar and grill! MoMo's Sports Bar & Grill is known for serving up the best cocktails and bar food in Bayport, NY.

As a Long Island Bar and Grill MoMo’s you wouldn’t expect them to have one of Long Island’s most delicious Shrimp Panini.

Like above mentioned Bayport Restaurant’s in this top 10 list MoMo’s Sports Bar has a second location in Holbrook, NY. So not only is this the #1 Sports Bar and Grill in Bayport but also voted as one of the best bars in Holbrook NY. Over in that restaurant it’s known to the locals as MoMos Holbrook.

This top list is exclusively for Bayport, NY so you find this bar and grill at 667 Montauk Hwy, Bayport, NY 11705.

In Conclusion

Now you know the best restaurant in Bayport, NY. If you are a restaurateur that feels your restaurant should be on this list, contact us here. Bayport is home to the Mexican Restaurants on Long Island. Also, if you a local resident of Bayport and have a favorite restaurant that’s missing from this list let us know in the comments below!

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